Oh Brotherhood, Where Art Thou?

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vlcsnap-283089Ulysses Everett McGill  ·  O Brother Where Art Thou?

THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD and the brotherhood of man present the paradox of the part and the whole on the level of personality.  God loves each individual as an individual child in the heavenly family.  Yet God thus loves every individual;  he is no respecter of persons, and the universality of his love brings into being a relationship of the whole, the universal brotherhood.

The love of the Father absolutely individualizes each personality as a unique child of the Universal Father, a child without duplicate in infinity, a will creature irreplaceable in all eternity.  The Father’s love glorifies each child of God, illuminating each member of the celestial family, sharply silhouetting the unique nature of each personal being against the impersonal levels that lie outside the fraternal circuit of the Father of all.  The love of God strikingly portrays the transcendent value of each will creature, unmistakably reveals the high value which the Universal Father has placed upon each and every one of his children from the highest creator personality of Paradise status to the lowest personality of will dignity among the savage tribes of men in the dawn of the human species on some evolutionary world of time and space.

This very love of God for the individual brings into being the divine family of all individuals, the universal brotherhood of the freewill children of the Paradise Father.  And this brotherhood, being universal, is a relationship of the whole.  Brotherhood, when universal, discloses not the each relationship, but the all relationship.  Brotherhood is a reality of the total and therefore discloses qualities of the whole in contradistinction to qualities of the part.

Brotherhood constitutes a fact of relationship between every personality in universal existence.  No person can escape the benefits or the penalties that may come as a result of relationship to other persons.  The part profits or suffers in measure with the whole.  The good effort of each man benefits all men;  the error or evil of each man augments the tribulation of all men.  As moves the part, so moves the whole.  As the progress of the whole, so the progress of the part.  The relative velocities of part and whole determine whether the part is retarded by the inertia of the whole or is carried forward by the momentum of the cosmic brotherhood.¹

You become conscious of man as your creature brother because you are already conscious of God as your Creator Father. Fatherhood is the relationship out of which we reason ourselves into the recognition of brotherhood.  And Fatherhood becomes, or may become, a universe reality to all moral creatures because the Father has himself bestowed personality upon all such beings and has encircuited them within the grasp of the universal personality circuit.  We worship God, first, because he is, then, because he is in us, and last, because we are in him.

Is it strange that the cosmic mind should be self-consciously aware of its own source, the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit, and at the same time conscious of the physical reality of the far-flung universes, the spiritual reality of the Eternal Son, and the personality reality of the Universal Father?²




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Alex Grey • Praying3

Praying 3  Alex Grey

DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED by the discovery that you are human.  

Human nature may tend toward evil, but it is not inherently sinful.
Be not downcast by your failure wholly to forget some of your regrettable experiences.  The mistakes which you fail to forget in time will be forgotten in eternity.  Lighten your burdens of soul by speedily acquiring a long-distance view of your destiny, a universe expansion of your career.

Make not the mistake of estimating the soul’s worth by the imperfections of the mind or by the appetites of the body.  Judge not the soul nor evaluate its destiny by the standard of a single unfortunate human episode.  Your spiritual destiny is conditioned only by your spiritual longings and purposes.

Religion is the exclusively spiritual experience of the evolving immortal soul of the God-knowing man, but moral power and spiritual energy are mighty forces which may be utilized in dealing with difficult social situations and in solving intricate economic problems.  These moral and spiritual endowments make all levels of human living richer and more meaningful.

You are destined to live a narrow and mean life if you learn to love only those who love you.  Human love may indeed be reciprocal, but divine love is outgoing in all its satisfaction-seeking.  The less of love in any creature’s nature, the greater the love need, and the more does divine love seek to satisfy such need.  Love is never self-seeking, and it cannot be self-bestowed.  Divine love cannot be self-contained; it must be unselfishly bestowed.


The Blind Leading The Blind

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Apr 052015

Sam Harris Is BlindUnbelieving Materialist Poster boy,  Sam Harris

“TO THE UNBELIEVING MATERIALIST, man is simply an evolutionary accident.  His hopes of survival are strung on a figment of mortal imagination;  his fears, loves, longings, and beliefs are but the reaction of the incidental juxtaposition of certain lifeless atoms of matter.
No display of energy nor expression of trust can carry him beyond the grave.  The devotional labors and inspirational genius of the best of men are doomed to be extinguished by death;  the long and lonely night of eternal oblivion and soul extinction. 

Nameless despair is man’s only reward for living and toiling under the temporal sun of mortal existence. 

“Each day of life slowly and surely tightens the grasp of a pitiless doom which a hostile and relentless universe of matter has decreed shall be the crowning insult to everything in human desire which is beautiful, noble, lofty, and good.

“But such is not man’s end and eternal destiny;  such a vision is but the cry of despair uttered by some wandering soul who has become lost in spiritual darkness, and who bravely struggles on in the face of the mechanistic sophistries of a material philosophy, blinded by the confusion and distortion of a complex learning.  And all this doom of darkness and all this destiny of despair are forever dispelled by one brave stretch of faith on the part of the most humble and unlearned of God’s children on earth.

“This saving faith has its birth in the human heart when the moral consciousness of man realizes that human values may be translated in mortal experience from the material to the spiritual, from the human to the divine, from time to eternity.”¹

This Easter, may the unbelieving materialists raise the bar;  may they take a moment to unpack the “mechanistic sophistries of a material philosophy,” and truly reflect on just what a “destiny of despair” does to their psych.  It takes far more courage to embrace that “one brave stretch of faith” and discover eternal life, than it does to accept the hopelessness and despair of “eternal oblivion.”  Go for it.


Ultimate Beauty

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Feb 102015

Mahh Man…  Make the 1%ers Pay Their Taxes, “Bitch”

#ClayHuntSAVAct will be signed into law Thursday, fuck you very much Tom Coburn.

David Brooks’ pity party: Why his defense of Brian Williams is really about the 1 percent salon.com/2015/02/10/dav… via @Salon


Once shut down the government with a Dr. Seuss book. 

bit.ly/1FwC1Mo pic.twitter.com/coDpLwx2Dp

“The Mississippi Klan salutes Alabama’s chief justice Roy Moore, for refusing to bow to the yoke of Federal tyranny,” Brent Waller, Imperial Margarine wizard, wrote in a Stormfront post. “The fudge packers from Hollywood and all major news networks are in shock that the good people from the heart of Dixie are resisting their Imperialist, Communist Homosexual agenda!”



The discernment of supreme beauty
is the discovery and integration of reality: The discernment
of the divine goodness in the eternal truth,
that is ultimate beauty.

The discernment of the divine #Goodness

in the eternal #Truth

is ultimate #Beauty.

Jan 232015

Jehan Georges Vibert Check  Napoleon and the Cardinal Check  Napoleon and the Cardinal  By Jehan Georges Vibert

“Truly barren is a secular education. It is always in labor, but never gives birth.”
Gregory of Nyssa

Secularism had its inception as a rising protest against the almost complete domination of Western civilization by the institutionalized Christian church.  But modern secularism has been fostered by two world-wide influences:  The mother was the totalitarian medieval Christian church.  The father was the narrow-minded and godless attitude of nineteenth- and twentieth-century so-called science — atheistic science.  

For three hundred years, Western thinking has been progressively secularized.  And all that while, religion has increasingly become a nominal influence, a ritualistic exercise.  The amazing thing is, though, the majority of today’s professed Christians (in the West, anyway) are unwittingly actual secularists.

It required a great power, a mighty influence, to free the thinking and living of the Western peoples from the withering grasp of a totalitarian ecclesiastical domination.  Secularism did break the bonds of church control, and now in turn, it threatens to establish a new and godless type of mastery over the hearts and minds of modern man.  

The tyrannical and dictatorial political state is the direct offspring of scientific materialism and philosophic secularism.  Secularism no sooner frees man from the domination of the institutionalized church, than it sells him into slavish bondage to the totalitarian state.  Secularism frees us from ecclesiastical slavery only to betray us into the tyranny of political and economic slavery.

“In our secular society, school has become the replacement for church, and like church it requires that its teachings must be taken on faith.”
John Taylor Gatto

Materialism denies God, secularism simply ignores him;  at least that was the earlier attitude.  Now secularism has assumed a more militant attitude, assuming it can take the place of religion, whose totalitarian bondage it once resisted.   Today’s secularism says that man does not need God.  But such a godless philosophy will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, war, and world-wide disaster.  During the first third of the twentieth century we humans killed more people than were killed during the whole of the Christian dispensation up to that time.  And this is only the beginning of the dire harvest of materialism and secularism.

Secularism can never bring peace to mankind.  Nothing can take the place of God in human society.  But.  Do not be quick to surrender the beneficent gains of the secular revolt from ecclesiastical totalitarianism.  Western civilization today enjoys many liberties and satisfactions as a result of the secular revolt.  The great mistake of secularism is this:  In revolting against the almost total control of life by religious authority, and after attaining the liberation from such ecclesiastical tyranny, the secularists went on to institute a revolt against God himself, sometimes tacitly, sometimes openly.

To the secularistic revolt we owe the amazing creativity of American industrialism and the unprecedented material progress of Western civilization.  And because the secularistic revolt went too far and lost sight of God and true religion, there also followed the unlooked-for harvest of world wars and international chaos.

Here’s a thing.  It’s not necessary to sacrifice faith in God in order to enjoy the blessings of the modern secularistic revolt:  tolerance, social service, democratic government, and civil liberties.  And it also wasn’t necessary for secularists to antagonize true religion in order to promote science, and to advance education.

Without God, without religion, scientific secularism can never coordinate its forces, harmonize its divergent and rivalrous interests, races, and nationalisms.  Secularistic society— notwithstanding its unparalleled materialistic achievement— is slowly disintegrating.  The chief cohesive force resisting this disintegration of antagonism is nationalism.  And nationalism is the chief barrier to world peace.

Secular social and political optimism is an illusion.  Without God, neither freedom and liberty, nor property and wealth will ever lead to peace.  Never forget that the inherent weakness of secularism is that it discards ethics and religion for politics and power.  But in the end, you simply cannot establish the brotherhood of mankind while ignoring— or denying— the fatherhood of God.

Cosmological Questions For Lunch.

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Day 24,510 On This Planet

But first:

Remember:  On average, stars are no closer together than say, a dozen oranges would be at maximum equidistance from each other inside the volume of the sphere of the earth.

Please answer, if you can:

Where and or how did time and space originate?

Who (or what) created the universe(s)?

What is reality?

What is life, and how did it originate on this world?

Can you prove the spiritual world does not exist?

Do you have a cosmology that synthesizes the apparently divergent sciences of nature into a consistent and logical universe philosophy, a coordinated and unbroken explanation of both science and philosophy?

What is gravity?

How did atoms originate?

What is matter?

How can we be sure we have discovered the smallest unit of material matter?

What causes, or drives, evolution?

If what is admittedly higher— intelligence— evolved from what is admittedly lower— primordial slime— how did this potential become invested in “mud”?

What is Mind?

What is consciousness?

Why are there such vast numbers of galaxies of stars?

Why is space so incomprehensibly VAST?

Why is everything— from the guts of every atom, to the path of every sun— in motion?

Is there anything— or any place— that isn’t in motion?

Does space end?  Is it circular?  Is it infinite?

What is infinite?

What is finite?

How was this world formed?

What is religion?

What is a soul?

Is worship a waste of time?

Is prayer a delusion?

What is Truth?

What is Beauty?

What is Love?

What is Evil?

Are there ghosts?

Are there any “supernatural” beings?

Did Jesus exist?

What did he really teach?

What is faith?

Does “spirit” indwell the human mind?