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Oct 152016

el monstruoClick to, um, enlarge.

Allen Clifton

At this point, there’s not even a shred of sane or rational logic anyone can use to defend Donald Trump.

While I don’t feel sorry for those who continue to do so, I do pity the fact that there are millions of people who are so deplorable that, even after Friday’s [Oct. 7] stunning story where he more or less said he believes he has the right to sexually assault women, they still think he should be president.

Yeah ick.  The Monster— El Monstruo— has awakened.  The past week has been an historic onslaught of karmic retribution unprecedented in American politics.  Watching a psychopathic liar rant that all his sexual assault victims are fictional, is not just attempted gaslighting;  it’s insanity on parade.

“At this point,” any rationale remaining Trump supporters have for claiming they are morally fit human beings is also out the window.

The revelation of recent events have created an unprecedented moral litmus test for all eligible voters in the United States.  No Americans can reasonably ignore the magnitude of Donald Jerk Trump‘s lack of moral fitness to hold any elected office, without violating their own moral standards.  Unless, of course, their moral standards are even lower than Donald Trump’s.  And that’s, you know, deplorable.

Read the following horrendous list of things Trump supporters must gag down to continue enabling a sexual pervert and pathological liar for the presidency of the United States.

  1.  Publicly mocked a man with disabilities. 
  2.  Publicly attacked the parents of a fallen American hero. 
  3.  Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen. John McCain. 
  4.  Lied about how much money he raised for veterans. 
  5.  Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting” and fat, telling his Twitter followers to go find her [non-existent] sex tape. 
  6.  Accused an American-born federal judge of being unfit to do his job because of his Mexican heritage. 
  7.  Has likely avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. 
  8.  Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, even though that’s not remotely factual. 
  9.  Lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.
  10.  Lied about getting a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule. 
  11.  Tried to exploit the death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him. 
  12.  Found the “bright side” to tragedies because his poll numbers tend to go up. 
  13.  Settled with the Department of Justice after his company was found guilty of racially discriminating against minorities. 
  14.  Has “cheated” [committed adultery] on at least one wife. 
  15.  Was just discovered on video admitting that he not only tried to cheat on his current wife, but knowingly attempted to do so with another married woman. 
  16.  Had his first wife publicly say that he did nothing when it came to raising their children until they were old enough to talk business. 
  17.  Tweeted that women should have expected to be sexually assaulted when they mixed males and females together in the military. 
  18.  Said he wants to target [and kill] the families of terrorists. 
  19.  Stated that he wants to ban an entire religion. 
  20.  Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans. 
  21.  Encouraged the Russian government to commit espionage against Americans. 
  22.  Insinuated that another Republican’s wife was “ugly.” 
  23.  Tried to implicate another Republican’s father in JFK’s assassination. 
  24.  Sought out the help of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after he was fired for multiple allegations he had sexually harassed women for years. 
  25.  Made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon one of his top campaign people. 
  26.  Had a former campaign manager abruptly resign after a report came out linking him to pro-Russian groups that were directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe. 
  27.  Ridiculed Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance. 
  28.  Has said in a public tweet climate change was “a hoax created by the Chinese” — then denied saying it. 
  29.  Was a leading conspiracy theorist when it came to the racist-driven birther conspiracies against President Obama. 
  30.  Dismissed nearly eight years of accusing the president of not being an American with a less than 30 second statement where he didn’t apologize for any of it. 
  31.  Tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his racism.  
  32.  Re-tweeted anti-African American propaganda created by a white supremacy group. 
  33.  Played dumb about knowing who former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was. 
  34.  Skipped a presidential debate because he was afraid of a moderator. 
  35.  Called a husband doing things like changing diapers and helping with the children, a man “trying to be the wife.” 
  36.  Has said he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons. 
  37.  Said he can’t release his tax returns because they’re currently being audited — even though the IRS said that’s untrue. 
  38.  Feels his “star” status gives him the right to sexually assault women.
  39. Doesn’t believe rules or laws apply to him.
  40. Seems to have no concern about the consequences of his actions.
  41. Is impulsive.
  42. Shows frequent signs of recklessness.
  43. Lacks normal moral fitness.
  44. Frequently exhibits destructive levels of narcissism.
  45. Lacks self control.
  46. Lacks empathy, sympathy for others.
  47. Is manipulative to get what he wants.
  48. Cannot recognize his mistakes or apologize for them.
  49. Frequently invents outrageous lies about his supposed successes or experiences.
  50. May actually believe what he says is the truth, especially when it isn’t.* Thanks to Allen Clifton for originally compiling this list




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Jul 232016


Oh yes it can.


It can’t happen here
It can’t happen here
I’m telling you, my dear
That it can’t happen here
Because I been checkin’ it out, baby
I checked it out a couple a times. . .  hmmmmmmmm

And I’m telling you
It can’t happen here
Oh darling, it’s important that you believe me
(bop bop bop bop)
That it can’t happen here

Who could imagine that they would freak out somewhere in kansas…
Kansas kansas tototototodo
Kansas kansas tototototodo
Kansas kansas
Who could imagine that they would freak out in minnesota…
Mimimimimimimi minnesota, minnesota, minnesota
Who could imagine…

Who could imagine
That they would freak out in washington, d.c.
D.c. d.c. d.c. d.c. d.c.
It can’t happen here
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
It can’t happen here
It can’t happen here
Everybody’s safe and it can’t happen here
No freaks for us
It can’t happen here
Everybody’s clean and it can’t happen here
No, no, it won’t happen here
I’m telling you it can’t
It won’t happen here
(bop bop didi bop didi bop bop bop)
Plastic folks, you know
It won’t happen here
You’re safe, mama
You’re safe, baby
You just cook a tv dinner
And you make it
(bop bop bop)
No no no no
Oh, we’re gonna get a tv dinner and cook it up
Go get a tv dinner and cook it up
Cook it up
Oh, and it won’t happen here
(no no no no no no no no no no no
Man you guys are really safe
Everything’s cool).
[Who could imagine
Who could imagine
That they would freak out in the suburbs]
I remember (tu-tu)
I remember (tu-tu)
I remember (tu-tu)
They had a swimming pool
I remember (tu-tu)
I remember (tu-tu)
They had a swimming pool
I remember (tu-tu)
I remember (tu-tu)
They had a swimming pool.

And they thought it couldn’t happen here
(duh duh duh duh duh)
They knew it couldn’t happen here
They were so sure it couldn’t happen here

Yes yes yes–i’ve always felt that
Yes I agree man, it really makes it…yeah…
It’s a real thing, man
And it really makes it
(makes it)

Suzie, you just got to town,
And we’ve been, we’ve been very interested
In your development,
[Since you first took the shots.]
Forget it!
[(it can’t happen here)
(can’t happen here)
(can’t happen here)]

And here’s your thoughtful palate cleanser.

Huge Hot Dog Recall Affects GOPPER RNC Convention

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Jul 202016

GOP CONVENTION HOT DOG RECALLDenial is not just a huge piles of dick-like thingies onstage at the RNC Convention.

CLEVELAND — Shocking to no one, Tuesday night’s RNC tRumpus Room fadoodle had a few glitches.  In a two hour “elephant in the room” moment, Arizona state senator Kimberly Lee was obliged to speak while ignoring the really HUGE pile of orange-ish huge “hot dogs” immediately behind the mainstage speaker’s podium.

But sharp-eyed attendees were not thus obligated.  “Thazza huuuge pile ah dicks!” mansplained Wade Wrightin, a Rubio delegate from, yes, Dogtown, Florida.  Margie Rinn, a Trump delegate from Sanitorium, Mississippi, (you can’t make this up), was quick to correct Mr. Wrightin: “Thazz no pile a dicks, you cracker!  Those’r giant dealdoes the librul haters dumped on Trump!  They should be killt!”

Ms Lee soldiered on, seemingly oblivious to the several hundred pounds worth of flaccid silicone silently punning away behind her. Of course, nobody in the room remembered Trump’s ballsy defense of the size of his huge hot dog:

I mean come on; that was five months ago.


In a related story:  As a little crane hoisted off the offending phalluses one by fricking one, excited Trumpeters began circulating a message;  it seems all the concession stands were out of, mmyeah, hot dogs.  And what’s more, nation-wide, upwards of 370,000 pounds of chicken and pork hot dogs and corn dogs— and that includes “Honey Batter Dipped Franks On A Stick”— could be “adulterated” with Listeria monocytogenes,¹ according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, or. you know, (FSIS).*

So guess how long it took the crowd to not only blame the hot dog shortage on “ISIS,” but also the pile of pricks on the stage. . .

¹ Consumption of food contaminated with L. monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, a serious infection that primarily affects older adults, persons with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women and their newborns. Less commonly, persons outside these risk groups are affected.  Oh, and there’s this:  Norovirus Outbreak Confirmed Among Republican Convention Staffers

* Oops.  Sorry, hot dog eaters, but 29.4% of the sentences above contain more than 20 words, which is slightly more than the recommended maximum of 25% for imbeciles.


My Taxes Are None Of Your Business, Losers

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Jul 112016

Because then you would see what a complete fraud I am.

Short Fingered Vulgarian won't release his taxes

“It’s none of your business. You’ll see it when I release, but I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.”

The Greedy Obstructionist Party has nominated a “presidential candidate” who arrogantly refuses to release his taxes to the American people, and thus he foists himself on the very people he supposedly wants to serve.  It’s an unprecedented affront to the integrity and intelligence of the American electorate.

Or is it.

Week after week now, roughly half of the people polled in our electorate claim they will actually vote for a man who refuses to respect the honorable tradition of our presidential candidates to reveal their taxes to their fellow countrymen and women.

Assuming Trumpf never releases his taxes, ignoring such a basic qualifying bar for the highest office in our land, most sensible Americans would go to polls and bury him in his own hubris.  And if Trumpf were to disclose the real extent to which he uses “legal” tax-sheltering devices, the American people would be obligated to go to the polls and punish him for it.  But such a principled outcome is far from guaranteed in today’s electorate.  And remember, you go to the polls with the electorate you have, not the electorate you want.

Although the several despicable Republican sponsored “voter I D” bills are utterly abhorrent to the lovers of democracy, they pale in comparison with another, more insidious and potentially disastrous downside to our nation’s sloppy and haphazard franchise— one which places the precious right of suffrage into the hands of an increasingly enormous number of ignorant, uneducated, socially backward and completely propagandized “citizens.”  You know them as as wingnuts, teabaggers, Birchers, RWNJs, and racists;  and predominantly Republicans.

Representative government presupposes an intelligent, efficient, and universal electorate.  The character of such a government will always be determined by the character and caliber of those who compose it.  In fact, the very survival of our democracy depends on successful representative government; and that success is conditioned upon electing only those individuals who are technically trained, intellectually competent, socially loyal, and morally fit.  Does that sound like the rank and file of today’s Republican party, and their gaggle of fractious, obstructionist, scientifically backward, and sometimes overtly racist elected members?

It’s getting late in the game of 2016, now.  The number of voters who have this nation’s best interests in mind, the number of voters who simply demand to first know that a presidential candidate is at the very least financially and morally fit to be our president— must far outnumber those who do not— and we must send Donald J. Trump to the political trash heap of history.

Philip “Propagandee” Geiger Has A Date With Destiny

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Jun 172016

Philip Geiger


LA JOLLA, CA  —  Philip Geiger, my one and only blog bro here at UrantianSojourn, graduated from life on Urantia Monday evening.  He had been in ICU for three weeks following a horrendous surgery to remove blockages from his lungs and to repair damage to his heart.  Faced with this terminal condition which gave him maybe a year to live and made it hard to catch a breath with even mild exertion, he opted for the surgery.  He saw it as a definite win-win situation: they could fix the worst of the problem with his material body— or he would wind up with a new one, on a new world.

Usually, an obituary gives you some perfunctory particulars of a person’s accomplishments during their brief sojourn on this planet, and a listing of relatives who “survive” the deceased.  They are written as if a person’s life has actually ended and now they cease to exist.   But Phil’s transit to the next stage of universe existence is the perfect instance to attempt to awaken those who might read this to the reality of the Father’s plan of universe ascension.

You see, Phil is a “Urantian”— a longtime student of The Urantia Book here, on the “World Of The Cross.”  And because he fully believed in the precious promise of eternal life presented through this amazing revelation, he knew that mortal identity on a world like ours is a very transient time-life condition in the universe, and he understood that no one knows how long they have here.  That’s why Phil was betting on a sure thing;  if he didn’t survive the operation— which at one point he was told it was a fifty-fifty proposition— his mortal identity, his soul and his spirit, would be transported and reassembled in a new form, on the next world in our ascendant careers.  Indeed, that is what has happened, and I would like to explain in more detail how that comes about, through insights from The Urantia Book.

The situation which makes repersonalization possible is brought about in “the resurrection halls of the receiving planets of a local universe.”*  Here in these life-assembly chambers the supervising authorities provide that relationship of universe energy— soul, mindal, and spiritual— which makes possible the reconsciousizing of the sleeping survivor.  The reassembly of the constituent parts of a onetime material personality involves:

The fabrication of a suitable form, a [soul] energy pattern, in which the new survivor can make contact with nonspiritual reality, and within which the [necessary] variant of the cosmic mind can be encircuited.

The return of the [Indwelling Spirit] to the waiting creature.  The [Indwelling Spirit] is the eternal custodian of your ascending identity;  your [Indwelling Spirit] is the absolute assurance that you yourself and not another will occupy the form created for your personality awakening.  And the [Indwelling Spirit] will be present at your personality reassembly to take up once more the role of Paradise guide to your surviving self.

When these prerequisites of repersonalization have been assembled, the seraphic custodian of the potentialities of the slumbering immortal soul, with the assistance of numerous cosmic personalities, bestows this entity upon and in the awaiting mind-body form while committing this evolutionary child of the Supreme to eternal association with the waiting [Indwelling Spirit].  And this completes the repersonalization, reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness— identity.

The fact of repersonalization consists in the seizure of the encircuited [soul] phase of the newly segregated cosmic mind by the awakening human self.  The phenomenon of personality is dependent on the persistence of the identity of selfhood reaction to universe environment;  and this can only be effected through the medium of mind.

Selfhood persists in spite of a continuous change in all the factor components of self;  in the physical life the change is gradual;  at death, and upon repersonalization, the change is sudden.  The true reality of all selfhood (personality) is able to function responsively to universe conditions by virtue of the unceasing changing of its constituent parts;  stagnation terminates in inevitable death.  Human life is an endless change of the factors of life unified by the stability of the unchanging personality.

When you awaken on the mansion worlds of Jerusem, you will be so changed, the spiritual transformation will be so great that, were it not for your Thought Adjuster [indwelling Spirit] and the destiny guardian, who so fully connect up your new life in the new worlds with your old life in the first world, you would at first have difficulty in connecting the new … consciousness with the reviving memory of your previous identity. Notwithstanding the continuity of personal selfhood, much of the mortal life would at first seem to be a vague and hazy dream. But time will clarify many mortal associations.

The Thought Adjuster [indwelling Spirit] will recall and rehearse for you only those memories and experiences which are a part of, and essential to, your universe career. If the Adjuster has been a partner in the evolution of aught in the human mind, then will these worth-while experiences survive in the eternal consciousness of the Adjuster.

But much of your past life and its memories, having neither spiritual meaning nor morontia* value, will perish with the material brain; much of material experience will pass away as onetime scaffolding which, having bridged you over to the morontia* level, no longer serves a purpose in the universe.  But personality and the relationships between personalities are never scaffolding; mortal memory of personality relationships has cosmic value and will persist. On the mansion worlds you will know and be known, and more, you will remember, and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia.¹ 

But eternal life is a choice:  Our identity is real only in so far as any person elects to become a continuing universe phenomenon.  The Indwelling Spirit is truly our path to Paradise, but each of us must pursue that path by our own deciding and freewill choosing.  And it is this very power of choice— the universe insignia of freewill creaturehood— that constitutes our greatest opportunity, and in fact, our supreme cosmic responsibility.

Upon the sincerity of the mortal free will the divine Spirit within depends for eternal personality;  all will creatures are to experience one true opportunity to make one undoubted, self-conscious, and final choice;  the soul of man must and will be given full and ample opportunity to reveal its true intent and real purpose.

When the more spiritually and cosmically advanced mortals die on the worlds of time and space, they proceed immediately to the mansion worlds*;  the worlds where all who survive the life in the flesh initially continue their existence.  But most of us will be assigned to the ranks of the “sleeping survivors,” who will be repersonalized en masse at the end of the current planetary dispensation.  Regardless, our conscious experience of the moment of death is seamless;  the blink of an eye.  The second you “die,” is the second you awake in a new body.  It’s not unlike the experience of lost time under anesthesia: one second you’re headed to surgery, the next, you’re waking up after it’s over.
Of course, there are serious difficulties that hamper our efforts to understand just exactly what happens to us in death.  One of these difficulties consists in the impossibility of conveying to our level of comprehension an adequate description of a “transaction on the borderland of the physical and spiritual realms.”*   Sorry about that.    Another is brought about by the restrictions placed upon the revelators of truth by the celestial governing authorities of Urantia.  There are many interesting details which might have been presented in The Urantia Book, but our immediate planetary supervisors, sticklers all, nixed most of them.  They know who we are.  But they did say this much:


There is something real, something of human evolution, something additional to the [Indwelling Spirit], which survives death.  This newly appearing entity is the soul, and it survives the death of both your physical body and your material mind.  This entity is the conjoint child of the combined life and efforts of the human you in liaison with the divine you, the [Indwelling Spirit].  This child of human and divine parentage constitutes the surviving element of terrestrial origin;  it is the immortal soul.

This child of persisting meaning and surviving value is wholly unconscious during the period from death to repersonalization and is in the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardian throughout this season of waiting.  You will not function as a conscious being, following death, until you attain the new consciousness of [soul] on the mansion worlds.

At death, the functional identity associated with the human personality is disrupted through the cessation of vital motion. Human personality, while transcending its constituent parts, is dependent on them for functional identity. The stoppage of life destroys the physical brain patterns for mind endowment, and the disruption of mind terminates mortal consciousness. The consciousness of that creature cannot subsequently reappear until a cosmic situation has been arranged which will permit the same human personality again to function in relationship with living energy.

During the transit of surviving mortals from the world of origin to the mansion worlds, whether they experience personality reassembly on the third period or ascend at the time of a group resurrection, the record of personality constitution is faithfully preserved by the archangels on their worlds of special activities.  These beings are not the custodians of personality (as the guardian seraphim are of the soul), but it is nonetheless true that every identifiable factor of personality is effectually safeguarded in the custody of these dependable trustees of mortal survival.  As to the exact whereabouts of mortal personality during the time intervening between death and survival, we do not know.

And when you thus awaken on the mansion worlds of Jerusem, you will be so changed, the spiritual transformation will be so great that, were it not for your [Indwelling Spirit] and the destiny guardian, who so fully connect up your new life in the new worlds with your old life in the first world, you would at first have difficulty in connecting your new consciousness with the reviving memory of your previous identity.  Notwithstanding the continuity of personal selfhood, much of the mortal life would at first seem to be a vague and hazy dream.  But time will clarify many mortal associations.

The [Indwelling Spirit] will recall and rehearse for you only those memories and experiences which are a part of, and essential to, your universe career.  If the [Indwelling Spirit] has been a partner in the evolution of aught in the human mind, then will these worth-while experiences survive in the eternal consciousness of the [Indwelling Spirit].  But much of your past life and its memories, having neither spiritual meaning nor survival value, will perish with the material brain; much of material experience will pass away as onetime scaffolding which, having bridged you over to the next level, no longer serves a purpose in the universe. But personality and the relationships between personalities are never scaffolding; mortal memory of personality relationships has cosmic value and will persist. On the mansion worlds you will know and be known, and more, you will remember, and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia.¹

Despite all that, and the joy it brings through the recognition of its truth, those of us who knew Phil in this life are still going to miss him and all the things we came to love about him.  But until we ourselves make this transition and are repersonalized, and stand in the presence of all those who’ve gone before us and those who have made such an amazing transition possible, we must continue to know these things through our living faith; which is exactly the way Phil lived his life here, and who has no doubt now realized these very truths in reality.

Until then. . .

•   •   •

* See:   The First Mansion World

¹  This entire quote was edited for clarity of terms.

(See Phil’s bio on our About page)








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May 272016

It's Alive


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May 222016

The White Man's Burden


Vote up the White Man’s BURDEN, send forth the best ye breed
Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your Captain’s need;
To wait in heavy harness, on floundered folk and cries—
Your brain-dead, angry people, half devil and half lies.

Vote up the White Man’s BURDEN, in hatred to abide,
To veil the threat of terror and make a show of pride;
By open speech and twitter, a thousand times made plain
To seek another’s profit, and steal another’s gain.

Throw up the White Man’s BURDEN, his savage wars of “peace”—
Fill up your mouth with Famine and swallow his sick Grease;
And when your goal is nearest the end for others sought,
Watch his narcissistic Folly bring all your hopes to nought.

* The White Man’s Burden