Got Legal Cowbell?

The Indefatigable Will Ferrell*

This image is believed to comply with fair use, per the following criteria:
Proportion of the copyrighted work used:
This image represents three frames of a roughly 66-minute television program, or about 3/118,800ths of the total work’s time span.
Degree of competion:
This image is not believed to compete with the copyright holder’s usage. The copyright holder’s usage of the program is as a complete trivia game television show, whereas this single still image only shows the details of the cowbell in use and its host.
Article purpose served: This image is intended to illustrate the article Got Legal Cowbell? It is also used to show the actor Will Ferrell on the cowbell with respect to this role.
Quality degradation:
The resolution and quality are reduced from the original, in the means of capture and compression, in the resolution uploaded, in the cropping of the image, and in the resolution of display on the article for which the image is intended.
To depict the living individual Will Ferrell, the image may be replaceable with a free image. To depict Will Ferrell as in his role as Gene Frenkle, fictitious cowbell musician, the image is not replaceable by a free image. Source: The image was captured from a recording of the program.
The copyright for this image is believed to belong to NBC.


*No, you’re not deaf quite yet, there’s just no sound.  But you should listen to Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Õyster Cult while watching Will work that bell.

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