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THE OPERATIVE HERESY of the last real renaissance was “Man is the measure of all things.”


Despite the passing of two thousand years of relative progress amid many retrograde catastrophes, that “progress” has unleashed the scourge of commercial television and the 24/7 news cycle, along with the daily potential for nuclear holocaust, and spawned a president whose leadership skills peg out at encouraging the nation to “shop” to further the war.  Thus the great unwashed tend to evaluate themselves as the “Measure of all things accumulated.”  No, not the same thing; perhaps exponentially worse.
So the question remains unanswered by almost everyone, including the imMoral Majority, the “Evangenitals,” (Christian nuts) and the loons at the Heritage Floundation: What is man? Certainly not his wardrobe, his party, his penis, his religious affiliation, or his toys. Man, the self-conscious, reflective monkey, the scientific marvel, inventor of machines, is himself just a machine, without a raison d’etre, with no greater destiny than food for worms.

Well, no.   Hell No.

There’s a New Story to be learned.  The folks who make their living preserving — what each new day cannot help but reveal with increasing and inexorable certainty — the rotting corpse of the “old story”— aren’t about to loosen their death grip on it.  As their bumper sticker says, you’re going to have to pry it from their cold, dead fingers.  They’re not going to wake up tomorrow and say, “Greed Bad;  Love Good!” sell their Haliburton shares, and put all homeless veterans up in the nearest Hilton Hotels, where they can die with dignity.  No.  They’re going to be a big pain-in-the-ass problem as long as they can draw breath, wield power, and spend your money.

But let’s not waste any more time with the old story.

We bipeds are the self-conscious, animal-origin, spirit-indwelt, potentially eternal personalities who must live, eat, sleep, fight, fuck, and die here as mortal creatures of the realms of time and space; the lowest of self-conscious creatures in the universe to possess freewill dignity, and beyond wonder, damned proud of it.

Fight for The New Story.  Seek it out with zeal;  search with a hunger for the truth in every human experience.  The best, most efficient place to start is by reading the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Start here.

If you haven’t yet recognized the old story no longer works, and fails on so many points it must be abandoned, if you don’t burn for a new way of looking at and living in the world, perhaps you would be better off starting here, here, or here.

Wherever you happen to find yourself, all the best with spending your temporal mortality well.

Hope to see you in the next world, and don’t be late. 😎

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