Con Nuestro Gran Amigo Obama!

IF YOU BELIEVE the MSM, Hispanics are giving Heallarry Cleantone the margin of victory in Texas because they think she’s, what. . . blonde? No, dooshbagettes, becuss chi hiss de spouze of Beeel Cleantone.

But AP reports a Fox News poll conducted Feb 26-28 of likely Democratic voters showed con nuestro gran amigo Obama leads among all men in Texas, including a 20-percentage point lead among white men.

  1. White. Texas. Men.
  2. White. Democratic. Texas. Men.
  3. Oh, go ahead—admit it— you thought they were all DAIDE!

Señora Healarry Cleantone is ahead with women of all shapes and sizes, and has a mucho large edge with the oldest voters; the ones who think that kneegroes should be returning their golf carts to the maintenance shed; not running for president.

The two are mostly even among whites, but two in three Hispanics support Señora Cleantone. And just why? It’s called the “Evita effect.” Go on, look it up.

Barack Obama has enormous leads with blacks and younger voters, and forty-two percent of all Texas-based Mariachi bands; including the one in the video.

Vaya con Dios, Hombres!

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