Living in a Post-American World

PARAG KHANNA writes in “Waving Goodbye to Hegemony“. . .

It is 2016, and the Hillary Clinton or John McCain or Barack Obama administration is nearing the end of its second term. America has pulled out of Iraq but has about 20,000 troops in the independent state of Kurdistan, as well as warships anchored at Bahrain and an Air Force presence in Qatar. Afghanistan is stable; Iran is nuclear. China has absorbed Taiwan and is steadily increasing its naval presence around the Pacific Rim and, from the Pakistani port of Gwadar, on the Arabian Sea. The European Union has expanded to well over 30 members and has secure oil and gas flows from North Africa, Russia and the Caspian Sea, as well as substantial nuclear energy. America’s standing in the world remains in steady decline.

Why? Weren’t we supposed to reconnect with the United Nations and reaffirm to the world that America can, and should, lead it to collective security and prosperity? Indeed, improvements to America’s image may or may not occur, but either way, they mean little.

And that is so because, not only did we not “reconnect with the United Nations,” but we remain clueless about the growing urgency of establishing the working rudiments of a genuine federation of all nations, bringing about a global government.

The cruel irony is, the nation of independent states who surrendered their sovereignty to a federal government and thereby created the strongest, freest nation on planet earth, has shown neither the moral insight or leadership ability to engineer the same workable model on a global scale. Instead, we have a moronic cowboy who takes democracy to other nations through war and occupation, killing a million or so of the natives in the process.

Condoleezza Rice has said America has no “permanent enemies,” but it has no permanent friends either. Many saw the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as the symbols of a global American imperialism; in fact, they were signs of imperial overstretch. Every expenditure has weakened America’s armed forces, and each assertion of power has awakened resistance in the form of terrorist networks, insurgent groups and “asymmetric” weapons like suicide bombers. America’s unipolar moment has inspired diplomatic and financial counter-movements to block American bullying and construct an alternate world order. That new global order has arrived, and there is precious little Clinton or McCain or Obama could do to resist its growth.

Yep; the hegemony wielded by Imperial America has done just as much to grow an “alternate world order” than anything Europe or China has done. Nor does it serve America’s interests to do anything to inhibit their growth. Perhaps when we find the collective wisdom to use the power jointly in an effort to insure peace throughout the world, we can begin solving the grievances smaller nations have concerning their place in the “alternate world order.”

The Geopolitical Marketplace

At best, America’s unipolar moment lasted through the 1990s, but that was also a decade adrift. The post-cold-war “peace dividend” was never converted into a global liberal order under American leadership. So now, rather than bestriding the globe, we are competing — and losing — in a geopolitical marketplace alongside the world’s other superpowers: the European Union and China. This is geopolitics in the 21st century: the new Big Three.

And we will continue to lose. . . unless we recognize we all sink or swim together. Each passing year brings new urgency to solve the increasingly complex problems our interdependent world brings; and these problems will persist as long as we continue to cling to the illusive notions of unlimited national sovereignty.

The growth of political power must continue to encompass larger and larger segments of the total of mankind, until the stage is set for the final consummation of political growth— the government of all mankind, by all mankind, and for all mankind.


Urantia [earth] will not enjoy lasting peace until the so-called sovereign nations intelligently and fully surrender their sovereign powers into the hands of the brotherhood of men—mankind government. Internationalism—Leagues of Nations—can never bring permanent peace to mankind. World-wide confederations of nations will effectively prevent minor wars and acceptably control the smaller nations, but they will not prevent world wars nor control the three, four, or five most powerful governments. In the face of real conflicts, one of these world powers will withdraw from the League and declare war.

You cannot prevent nations going to war as long as they remain infected with the delusional virus of national sovereignty. Internationalism is a step in the right direction. An international police force will prevent many minor wars, but it will not be effective in preventing major wars, conflicts between the great military governments of earth.

As the number of truly sovereign nations (great powers) decreases, so do both opportunity and need for mankind government increase. When there are only a few really sovereign (great) powers, either they must embark on the life and death struggle for national (imperial) supremacy, or else, by voluntary surrender of certain prerogatives of sovereignty, they must create the essential nucleus of supernational power which will serve as the beginning of the real sovereignty of all mankind.

Peace will not come to Urantia until every so-called sovereign nation surrenders its power to make war into the hands of a representative government of all mankind. Political sovereignty is innate with the peoples of the world. When all the peoples of Urantia create a world government, they have the right and the power to make such a government SOVEREIGN; and when such a representative or democratic world power controls the world’s land, air, and naval forces, peace on earth and good will among men can prevail but not until then.The Urantia Book


  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Hi Kathleen,
    The USojo blog is a mildly customized free template on the WordPress platform, and is powered by, as you say, a “silly nonsensical synthetic religion pushing communist-zionist globalism under a phony judeo-christian Jesus cult.” (Yawn. . .) Thanks for the fact-free folderol all the same.

  2. Nationalism is not a fatal disease; bankers are a fatal disease. The elite have always controlled, instigated, and bankrolled the wars for their own profit.

    The solution to world wealth distribution is not world disarmament, or robbing the hard-working middle-class to allegedly feed the corporate-oppressed Third World while really feeding those predator-corporatioons, but world dis-bankerment.

    The sovereign governments of the world’s nations must pass laws restricting the accumulation of obscene levels of wealth.

    Slave-money from a debt economy transfers the sovereignty of peoples and nations into the pockets of financiers. Sweep the moneylenders from the temple, again. Overturn their tables in the great hall of civilization. Restore national tariffs & trade barriers! Eliminate the FED! Down with the U.N., the I.M.F., the W.T.O. and the World Bank!

    The United States of America was founded on the notion that all men are equal in dignity, thus prohibited titles of nobility. They overlooked the fact that nobility is ultimately what it is–obscenely powerful–because of money.

    Not “titles” of nobility, but the money of nobility, regardless the manner of accumulation, but in particular when that is the accumulation of “credit” (ownership of future slave labor), needs to be restricted.

    If you restrict this relatively tiny handful of the world’s obscenely rich, then you will prevent debt-slavery and the confiscation of democracy. Excess wealth encroaches on the commons, whether physical or virtual over the internet.

    The minute a private business takes over a huge public audience, i.e. google, it has encroached on a public space, and needs to become fully controlled and regulated by the electorates through their sovereign national governments.

    As for world government, good fences make good neighbours.

    Homogenization is not advancement, it is eugenics and mind-control at its best by reducing human diversity to a highly manageable lowest common denominator.

    Biodiversity is essential to nature, people are part of nature, socio-diversity and biodiversity reflect human nature which produces the great and endless flowering of the variegated human spirit. Shut that down with global homogenization and you shut down the very essence of what is the best in humans.

    Biodiversity and social and cultural diversity on protected terrains are essential to human advancement.

    We need a system of nations, where all the one-worlders can view each of their sovereign nations as the limits of their world, and stay home and do their own thing, and leave the rest of us to do ours!

    If you merge all the colors together into one system, there is no more rainbow! In Canada, those primary colors are the Provinces; on earth, those primary colors are the nations. Without those primary political colors there can be no further shades or gradations.

    Urantia, indeed!!! A silly nonsensical synthetic religion pushing communist-zionist globalism under a phony judeo-christian Jesus cult.

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