Barack Obama told reporters of the MSM Mouse Circus he ate a lot of pot roasts and Jello molds growing up.
Stunned reporters asked why an elitist would ever admit to “eating pot roasted and jello molded.”

Atienne, a resident of a small town in Northwestern PA, responded to their stupidity this way:

This is the problem with the MSM. I would challenge any of those who feel they don’t know him or think he’s an elitist to go and see him for yourself. Most of the rallies are free and open to the public. If you really want to know and get his feel. . . just go!

Seeing him in Pittsburgh was one of the greatest things I’ve done outside of my family and career. Why? Because I could personally bear witness to one of the great human beings of our time! Not just a great man, not a great black man, not a great bi-racial man, but great human being! PERIOD!

I saw that this man had inspired that group of about 10,000 people to come together, put their differences aside and treat each other with respect. People talked about how he had inspired them to do “better,” take an interest for the first time in their government, and what they can do to help their country.

Now, if only the MSM would start reporting on THAT!

I have lived in Pennsylvania most of my life, both in bigger cities and small towns. I currently live in a small town that has been ravaged by job loss, industry shutting down and jobs being given to those who will work for less in foreign countries. While some paint a rosy, romantic version of Pennsylvania. . . Barack points out the other side of PA.

Yes, people ARE bitter— and do take refuge in other things besides politics. People go to work, college and yet still are unable to obtain that American dream without bouncing checks to feed their families. I see it daily, and I work in a corporate environment while my husband works in the steel industry. People here are struggling. While some won’t let the state of things dampen their spirits, there are others that are bitter, depressed, and angry! Perhaps Hillary Clinton or John McCain should tour these small areas and visit the local taverns, meth houses, and crack houses.

The phenomenon in the small towns is that these people are drinking and drugging their lives away; they are mostly people that had good jobs at one time before most of the factories pulled out. My community is trying for a comeback, but there is a very ugly reality here and I, for one, am pleased that a politician finally has the guts to tell it like it is!

I don”t sip wine, never had a latte, my man works in a steel tubing plant and we”re BOTH voting Obama in the general and did so in the PA primary! We BOTH know flag pins are made in China, preachers and charity board members are nonsense, and have been spun to fool the foolish! We BOTH know and remember the lies, lies, and the more lies of the Clinton years then, and now! John McCain can”t stick to the same answer from one interview to the next. So our choice is clear.

Atienne— I’m a married mother of two wonderful children and 3 huge dogs! My career has taken me through social services, law, broadcast and advertising and now marketing for the Safety Industry. In past years, I haven’t felt moved or compelled by any election such as this. But over the years, I’ve watched the American dream slip away for many including my own family, and I’m eager to have a voice to make it stop. I support Barack Obama for PRESIDENT!

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