. . . And from someone who can be president.

But no wonder most Americans don’t recognize Truth spoken to power when they hear it.

They’ve never heard it from chimpy.



  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Yep, yep. Of course the Pat Pukecannons of the mouse circus will always be with us, much like the “bitter” poor Obama recognizes, but it should send a neural kick to the groin of all sentient beings just how retarded some parts of the electorate are, to see his comments as anything but recognition of the reality of the deep cynicism gripping our society.
    Thank you, choir; you may go.

  2. Propagandee Propagandee

    HI Michael:

    Thanks for posting this. Awoke this AM, turned on my radio and tv, and found that this Obama speech was all the rage, touted as proof of his “elitism” by the likes of Pat Buchanan on MSNBC and of course, Fixed News (whose Sat AM programming is supposed to be a recap of the week’s business news but is mostly just more political bs). Multi-multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton, sensing a political advantage, piled on.

    Apparently what got the spin machine going full tilt was Barak’s comment that after decades of being told by politicians what great things they were going to do to alleviate their economic suffering and then failing to deliver, people get frustrated. They turn– “cling”– to their religious and cultural roots for a sense of empowerment (as the Jews did during the Babylonian captivity; as poor European immigrant Muslims do today). They tend to vote on social values issues like gays and guns instead, a phenomenon discussed in great length by Thomas Frank in his book, “What’s the Matter With Kansas.” ('s_the_Matter_with_Kansas )

    What I heard in Obama’s speech was concern and empathy for the plight of the American worker, a populist appeal along the lines of John Edwards.


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