Eternity Road

Becoming the Trusting Child

IN OUR SEARCH FOR THE WAY, some attitudes are more helpful than others. When you were a small child and were gently pushed ahead by your mother, you had a knowledge that you were being safely guided through the unknown. That was a spacious open faith; an intuitive trust in a being you loved. Try to recapture today a feeling only half remembered deep within your memory, and in your imagination lie back in confidence and face the future with an open heart, knowing the Divine Presence that is gently pushing you is loving and kind; true, beautiful, and good.

Give out love; give generously of it, but keep in your silence. Build an area about yourself of a shock-absorbing substance, make an image of protection that will neutralize the natural alarms you may be called upon to experience. Laugh and be joyful, for that is healing to you and those around you who despair. Be humble, and human, and tender; be selfless and patient with the forgiveness that permits you to go to the altar; be simple. In fact be the trusting child pushed ahead, having the knowledge that you are in safekeeping, in loving hands.

If you can live like this in the midst of everyday confusion, then you have nothing to fear. Fast and pray; keep in this core of light within your within-ness and you will be free from dread and ache and fear. Fast in the mind, pray by accepting the joy of God and keep within where he abides. Go your way, blessed, before the holy company of the Divine Gift.

Restated from Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood 1948

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The hope of a better nation— a better world—
is bound up in the progress and enlightenment of the individual.

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