The Strange Universe

As readers of The Urantia Book, you’d think we might occasionally search “teh internets” to see what’s out there that speaks of it. Well we do— occasionally. Recently we found a segment on The UB from a TV series called “Strange Universe,” circa 1996. The mildly galactic, silly-subliminal strobe-fest, complete with a shot of the alien autopsy stuffed in for good measure, topped off with the “alien bible” tag all smothered in tacky music— still isn’t too campy and overbearing. Best of all, nobody really tells any inexcusable whoppers about the book; always a plus.

As indifferent observers, the media insists “no one knows who wrote the book”; generally, real readers say they accept the authors as given. But the “keeping it under the pillows” nonsense probably didn’t impress anyone other than the copywriter.

I hadn’t heard the rumor a book was spotted in the white house, but if there is, it’s clear that it hasn’t been opened by Chimpy. Bush’s confession that Jesus is his “favorite philosopher” is more than telling, in that Jesus was not, of course, a philosopher, but a savior; a Divine Redeemer, and the Son of God.

It is also not surprising teh TV wanted to focus on the supposed “angry backlash” by the percentage of Christians who can’t abide any sort of updating, or even a divinely expanded historical retelling of the entire life and teachings of the very being they claim to know, love, and follow.

I’m sure some defenders of the infallible Bible sent a strongly-worded letter regarding the retelling of Christ’s life that essentially invalidates all the hatred, ignorance, and fear that has seeped into their religion and belief. But then, most rational Christian denominations already dismiss such doctrines. It’s teh few who do not that will tend to never loosen their death grip on the dogma and doctrines of traditional, evolutionary religion. After all, “the faith once delivered to the saints” must, in theory, be both final and infallible. I don’t think they’d even let Jesus mess with it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the entire “strange” universe keeps plunging majestically through space to the music of the meter of the infinite thought and the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center of all things and beings. The Urantia teachings, the most recent revelation of truth propounded in the spiritual realm, has barely begun to trickle into the present-day cultural stream. The advent of greatly improved global communications may eventually create a planet-wide mutational awakening that captures the imagination of entire nations.

Here’s hoping it’s ours.

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