Let The “Tired Negative Attacks” Begin

A McCain spokesman recently accused Sen. Barack Obama of “launching … tired negative attacks” against Sen. McCain for simply pointing out McCain’s most recent gaffe, claiming he had “supported every investigation” into the causes of the Katrina response when in fact two of his votes were actually cast to prevent investigations.

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers: It doesn’t bode well for Senator Obama’s pledges to run a campaign of hope and change when on the first day of the general election he’s launching the same tired negative attacks that the American people are so sick and tired of.

Well, who knows “tired” better than the McCain.

From the Obama email:

“Whether he simply wasn’t aware of his voting record again or he was intentionally misleading the people of Louisiana, John McCain certainly isn’t offering us ‘leadership you can believe in.’ “

The rest of the e-mail simply quoted McCain, and gave the the dates and the Senate numbers of the votes. Poor Johnnie. He’s gonna need all the scotch sleep he can get.

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  1. Avatar Bluenose

    “Reading” my ass. Anybody out there who thinks that old fart can read without glasses at 72 needs to spend more time with their own grandpa.
    This is shaping up to be one of the most lopsided campaigns in U.S. history. McCain’s bravura in challenging Obama to ten debates is hysterical. By the third debate most moderate republicans and independents will have realized that McCain is permanently asleep, regardless of what falls out of his mouth.

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