They Wanna Do What They Wanna Do!

Our friend Driftglass has a gaggle of fine people who comment over there, and in our continuing effort to get them over here, I occasionally take their pithy comments and share them here. Because good ideas need to be shared, that’s why. Okay. I have gardening to do, too.

Tanbark said:

Did Jane Hamsher post that at FDL, because she thinks the woman was speaking with righteous indignation because Hillary is being savaged by the cossacks at the DNC?

or did she put it up because she wanted to show she was out of her rabid-assed mind?

Or, did Jane just want to illustrate the depth of feeling from some Clinton supporters, as a kind of warning?

Because, there are some bloggers, including Jane and Digby, who are now saying:

Hillary’s going to lose. Be gentle with her…Be gentle with her…Be gentle with her…”

And, I would just point out that the democratic party does not need concession speeches from Jane Hamsher and Digby; we need them from Hillary Clinton.

When that happens, we can talk about fence-mending, but in point of fact, most of the carpentry work needs to be done by Hillary and her supporters, since they have been so diligently tearing them down.

Until then, nothing has changed. She and her supporters have long overrated her political power and her attraction as a candidate, since well before Iowa, when Obama started to knock the train off the tracks.
And now, in their threats, they are overrating it even worse, as Obama is on the verge of becoming our nominee, and taking over the custody of the party.

I would suggest to her supporters, those in AND out of the blog-closet, that they spend more time reminding Hillary Clinton of the political facts of life for losers in nomination contests, than in alternately threatening and begging Barack Obama to back off, while Hillary and her staff, as Driftglass so acutely noted on this thread, is showing not the slightest sign of doing it.

Arguing that we need to handle Hillary with kid gloves, at the same time she continues “Marching Through Georgia” exposing the party to her Shermanesque pyromania, is the same kind of time-distortion that we get from the bush administration on Iraq.

And, keep in mind, that Obama IS being fair; more than, in fact. He’s praising her to the heavens, at the same time she’s still beating he AND the party, over the head with her denial-queen tiara.

How “fair” is it for a candidate who has NO chance of catching Obama to drag this out and give John McCain and the republicans one hell of a free ride, simply because her gigantic, entitled, ego refuses to admit that it’s over?

How “fair” was her little Sioux Falls assassination contingency plan, when she so blithely and wistfully spiked the American political punchbowl with that particular Ebola shot?

While I’m at it, the notion that “misogynism” is somehow responsible for her losing the nomination, is horse shit. She lost this when she threw the progressive wing of the party under the bus and went haring off after support from republicans and independents who wouldn’t vote for her if she were running against Jane Fonda.

Every time I read about how “politically savvy” she is, I feel like making a finger-down-throat gesture. She and her handlers have pulled one bonehead move after the other.

The idea that she MIGHT have had the chance to demonstrate her “savvy” in the general election, is frightening.

Now that she’s $20 million dollars in debt, and with her campaign, from the top down, STILL showing that she and they, could fuck up an anvil, the superdelegates are wiping the sweat from their brows and thinking:

“We’re supposed to hitch the democratic wagon to THAT mule?”

One of the great blessings about having her out of the political picture, is that we won’t have to talk about her anymore.

Myrtle June said:

Fuck ‘um. Fuck the people who act like that “lady” did on that tape. And Fuck anyone who’s saying to “be gentle.” Fuck ‘um. Hillary HAD her chance to exit with grace but she chose another way. She, nor a damn one of her current supporters, deserve anything. Not one ounce of our life force should be spent on these energy vampires. The exploitation of women in the manner that Hillary has chosen is the WORST possible thing for women in this country.

Yes, let’s just find every woman with an axe to grind and put her to work grinding them axes. Yes. What a great fucking plan to dispel the stereotypical “woman.” Great plan Hillary. Thank you and your fucked up supporters who want it both ways. . . who want to be tough but can’t take the lumps that come with that and expect some special treatment BECAUSE she’s a woman. You cannot have this both ways. That fucks us all up. Have some dignity, will ya. Thanks bunches. She has so fucking blown this for women who seek office . . . or even a job for years to come.

Probably be on some list of hiring interview questions “Determine if she was a Hillary supporter”. . . and then place it in the “fucking batshit crazy” discard pile.

Being batshit crazy is not being tough. . . it’s being batshit crazy.

Thanks Hill.


  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    Suppose the situation was reversed, and the first viable African-American presidential candidate had been defeated by a just slightly more viable female candidate.

    How many black voters do ya suppose would yell “Foul!” And then march off and vote for George Wallace?

    Give me a freakin’ break!

  2. Avatar DusThouArt

    Yeah, she’s proud to be from “Hillary’s State,” alright.
    Regardless of why Hamsher posted it, the woman is a racist and people need to see just how ugly it is.
    Imagine: white people voting for an “inadequate black male.”
    Have you ever heard of such a thing?
    So when she doesn’t get her way, it’s, “Goddamn the Democrats,” and, “McCain is gonna be the next president.” Who needs an opposition party with democrats like that.

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