It’s All in your Head

Nurse?  Get me a coffee.
Wondering what this 1967 Viet Kong propaganda photo of POW McCain smoking in bed on clean sheets in a hospital has to do with the current state of the economy? So are we. It’s no more helpful in solving our economic problems than the political ads showing it right now on a TeeVee near you.

GREAT NEWS! That little bit of money that’s no longer there at the end of the month? You’re vanished savings? $4 gas? Rising food prices? No health insurance? ALL IN YOUR HEAD.


I lost my job due to the economy going down the hole and I have been looking for a steady job that can pay me enough to feed my family. I even tried to work at a store [where] I was spending 35% of my check on gas and the rest on bills and have no money for food. So I don’t pay some bills so my family can eat, and I am losing everything that I ever worked hard for.


Phil Gramm, John McCain‘s top economic adviser— yeah I’m serious— says we’re just experiencing “A mental recession.” “We have sort of become a nation of whiners,” he said. This means you can shred all those bills there’s no mental money to pay them with at the end of the month. Just stop whining about it.

Also in your head, hopefully, is the fact Gramm played a key role in the subprime meltdown during his time in the Senate. Now he’s busy throwing volatile liquids on the mental recession, a buzzkill phrase for a fucked-up economy that’s crushing the middle class like a Death Star trash compactor.

So buck up, you nation of whiners mental cases. Your “real world” problems are all in your head, and all you have to do to keep them there is vote for John McCain in November.

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