“The One”

From John Tomasic.

Asked for comment on the media attention Obama was drawing for his trip, McCain simply said “It is what it is.”

But [Elizabeth] Bumiller writes that she got a less-resigned reaction from McCain’s entourage.

McCain’s comments were mild compared with the bleak mood and frustration on the part of his advisers, who have taken to referring to Obama sarcastically as “The One” and railing against the large amount of coverage Obama is receiving compared with McCain.
“There is nothing you can do about it,” said an acerbic Mark Salter, one of McCain’s closest advisers, while standing at the back of a modest crowd assembled to hear McCain speak at a picnic in South Portland, Maine. ” ‘The One’ went to Europe, and homage must be paid.”

ROTFLMFAO. I wonder who they have to blame for that. Obama? Certainly. McCain? Absolutely. He’s the useful tool that paid for the ad above. Even McCain’s toadies know Obama is “The One.” So who ya gonna call??

The “One”
“The One” with First Lady Michelle, and Vice-President Gort

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