From “As the sky grows” by Driftglass:

…the candidates weigh in (all quotes for entertainment purposes only.)

Senator McSame leaps boldly into the fray:

“I Can Haz Always Been An Deregulator! Capitalism 4Evah! Wall Street Roolz! You know, back when I was a guest of the North Vietnamese, I too knew what it was to be heavily regulated!”

One of his minders takes him aside.


Senator McSame (spitting Wall Street’s dick out of his mouth):

“I Can Haz Always Been An Regulator! Populism 4Evah! Main Street Roolz! You know, back when I was a guest of the North Vietnamese, I too knew what it was to be in the hands of unregulated power!”

Assessing the McCain statement, Team Obama meets to plan its response:

And finally, sensing a chance to burnish her foreign policy credentials, Perky Sarah pounces:

Like the people of American, the people of Morgan/Stanley have a proud tradition of freedom and democracy. And should Senator McCain and I be blessed by God to lead our great nation, a [Palin/McCain] Administration would make sure despots around the world know that America will always stand up to bullies, whether they be tyrants in far-away Wachovia, the so-called “Zappa Terrorists” just across the border in Hispaniola, or the Darwiniosocialist Christ-haters right here in Jesusland.

McSame isn’t the problem.

Palin isn’t the problem.

The fact that on November 4th, somewhere between 58 and 62 million Americans are going stand in line to vote to deliver our hobbled, pauperized nation into the hands of the Party of frauds, liars, Monarchists and imbeciles once again?

That is the fucking problem.

Yep. Agreed. That’s a big part of the fucking problem.  but that’s not the whole problem.  Another part is the fact that a 100 MILLION Americans don’t even bother to vote.  That’s a third of the electorate. And that third is overwhelmingly poor and composed of minorities.

  • We here at US agree with The Urantia Book‘s assertions: Representative government presupposes an intelligent, efficient, and universal electorate.
    The electorate should consist of unified and intelligent groups, who elect only their best members to positions of governmental trust and responsibility.
    The survival of democracy is dependent on successful representative government; it depends upon electing  people who are technically trained, intellectually competent, socially loyal, and morally fit.

That’s the only way we can effect government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

And this movie is for entertainment purposes only.
Besides; who takes comedians seriously.

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