Holy shit.
The cahones on that old fart. If Cindy wasn’t set to come out he would have walked off during WaWa‘s bitchslapping of him. And what she slapped out of him was  a confession an admission that Palin’s House ‘o Pork didn’t happen while she was da governator, but when she ran Wasilla.  Why didn’t you say so!  THAT kinda pork is just fine!  It’s that governor pork Republicans don’t like.

After all: she sold the plane; she fired the cook.
Now that’s the kind of reforming that’s gonna make the ole boys of Washington sit up and fart down their legs.

But the words fly too fast on the View to be heard or viewed;  they must be re-viewed.  Otherwise you don’t hear McCain say I’ve taken on “. . . my own president. . .”  Uh huh.  That would be the five percent of the time he’s not on his knees with his proboscus up Bush’s tukus.

And if he says “I have not been elected Miss Congeaniality every year” again, I demand he submit to a skivvy check, and if he’s got a little weewee down there, then he’s thrown out of whatever fucking contest he thinks he’s in and committed to a hospital until he no longer thinks he’s a female.


  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Thanks for stopping by; it’s one thing to get a comment a visitor, but we feel privileged to get one from a hard working blogairre. I think WaWa did finish a few of his sentences for him; a professional interviewer on a professional liar.

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