Read it and Weep

Back to the Future: The New Republican Party really was the party of change

As an American,  I was horrified that he picked her. But that’s all water under the “Bridge to Nowhere,” now isn’t.

When she became mayor of Wasilla, nobody thought much about it when she fired most of the experienced staff she inherited, and brought in her own people. She fired the police chief because he intimidated her, she said. When she tried to fire the highly respected librarian of Wasilla because she wouldn’t get rid of some books Sarah didn’t want in the library, some of us woke up and fought back.  She backed off, but we made her enemies list.

People thought it was cute that they called her “Sarah Barracuda,” totally missing the point the name was a result of her predatory ruthlessness. But the people of Wasilla, like the fifty percent of Americans that supposedly voted for Palin-McSame, don’t have a concept of the world around them, and they still don’t. And now look what’s happened.  McCain is a vegetable;  paralyzed and brain dead.   Sarah Palin is President of the United States.

Last year when McCain surprised Americans with Sarah Palin, I said, like the forty-nine percent of us that voted for Barack—  that she was uniquely UNqualified to be vice president, let along president. I pointed out, like so many others, that John McCain was an old man. I asked people to think: what if something should happen to him that caused the vice president to step in— it would destroy our country— to have someone as inexperienced and inappropriate as Sarah Palin.

And Wasilla’s wonderful librarian; found dead and partially eaten by wolves.  The very same day McCain has a stroke?  God’s Will??  Yeah, right. Glossilalia, anyone?

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