One of the greatest attractions of patriotism— it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what’s more, with a feeling we are profoundly virtuous.
— Aldous Huxley

“Country First” John McCain: “I am not a perfect vessel.”

I’ll see your “Country First” and raise you a McCain:

I’ve always had 100 percent absolute truth. That’s been my life of puttin’ my country first, and I’ll match that record against anyone.  And I’m proud of it. And any assertion that I’ve ever done otherwise I take strong exception to.”

Wuh oh. I think there’s a “Come to Jesus” moment comin’.

It’s not “gotcha” journalism to not assume it’s not a given when John McCain says he’s “always had 100 percent absolute truth“—  that he understands he’s saying something that’s only relatively true.  If you asked him directly when he says he put’s “country first” if that means there’s some area of reality where God pulls up in second place, do you think he’d say yes?  Or is his country assumed to be synonymous with God?  What? . . .

In McCain Cosmology, you wont hear him qualify that God, in fact, comes first, then his country; can this be his attempted appeal to secular Americans?  But give him the benefit that God comes first. He is still clueless about the nature of Truth.

John McCain believes he tells “100 percent absolute truth,” when no where on this earth is that simply even possible.

Can you  think of any denomination of Christianity, including John McCain‘s version of yet-to-be-baptized Baptist belief, which doesn’t recognize that God is “absolute truth”?
John McCain, like all of us here, is a finite creature of time;  God as the source of, and as an absolute and infinite personal reality, is the only one capable of speaking absolute truth 100 percent of the time.  End of story.  But don’t assume most Christians grok that simple fact of reality;  it’s absolutely relative, dog.

That means John McCain is really talkin’ truthiness, and we all know it except him — and those who will vote for him. His truthiness then, is always relative, and never “absolute.”  And anyone’s appreciation of the admittedly infinite nature of Truth must always be constrained to experience it and express it in the relative terms of our finite existence.

Time is an invariable element in the attainment of knowledge. On that score, McCain as the oldest candidate ever for president is admittedly ahead in this game.  Over time,  knowledge is after all an eternal quest; always are we able to learn more, but never do we arrive at the full knowledge of absolute truth; only increasing probability of approximation.

God is absolute truth. As truth, we may come to know God, but to understand to explain God, one must explore the fact of the universe of universes. We all know McTruthiness was the “guest of another government for awhile,” (sigh) but he’s never been off the planet as far as anyone knows, and that means he cannot possibly know the infinitude of God or the absoluteness of truth. Finite punks like us simply can’t think through such an “absolute truth.”

This latest massive maverick cowpie of cosmological certainty from a man who so thoughtlessly confuses national patriotism with the infinite nature of “absolute truth” is very near the top of the growing list of [my] reasons why McCain should never even be allowed near the responsibilities of representative government, let alone the highest office of our land.

Static concepts invariably retard science, politics, society, and religion. Static concepts may represent a certain knowledge, but they are deficient in wisdom and devoid of truth.

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