He Chose…Poorly

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Some further reflections on this comment I posted at The Lake this morning, vamping off Blue Texan‘s analysis of the disaster that John McCain‘s pick of Sarah Palin is proving to be:

“He chose…poorly.”

Great line, delivered by the ancient guardian knight in the second Indiana Jones movie about the holy grail.

The greedy bad guy has to choose the actual cup used at the Last Supper (which is suppose to confer eternal life). Instead of selecting the humble wood one, the kind that would be carved by a hard working (social activist!) carpenter, he chooses (identifies with) the most ornate one, as befitting a great king, poisoning himself in the process.

How fitting.

If the antagonist had related to Jesus as the humble Prince of Peace instead of the mighty King of the Holy Roman Empire, he would have chosen wisely and not have died such a horrible death.

In the scene depicted below, Indy uses the healing power of the grail to restore a worthy life, his father’s, a life dedicated to the quest for knowledge. Contrast that with the desire to merely prolong an unworthy life, one dedicated to greed and power.

Redemption, at least in the secular sense, is a theme the USA and the rest of the world might want to pursue now that the neocon Republican world view has proven such an utter disaster.

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