Hey Asheville. . . Update

ASHEVILLE —  Barack Obama spoke in Asheville, North Carolina this Sunday, in his campaign’s continuing effort to take a state that voted big time for Bonzo in the last election into the win column for Democrats. At least one person from Asheville visits with us occasionally, and this is a shout out to them:  Did you go see Barack?  If so, link us up in comments and give us your thoughts. . .


UpDate:  Mm, or not.


  1. Hey Sherry, If I would have been conscious when I read your comment, Bob wouldn’t have had to set us straight. I hope you’re right about the winning; but it’s the climb out of the crater that concerns me. The American people are going to have to start proving their pedigree.

  2. It is so fun to see the McDopes running around trying to shore up states they should win hands down. Limited resources are being stretched and I love it. I suspect we are going to win this in a route, and NC will be on the list of blue states!

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