McCain Puts The Mean In Demeanor

As the clip below from last night’s debate shows, McInsane‘s barely repressed rage, rapid eye blinking and weird tongue flicking shows a man who is definitely in touch with his lizard brain.

Somebody should point out to him that while his”Fight! Fight! Fight!” attack dog mentality works to keep his wingut base aroused, there’s a larger electorate out there with real economic problems who actaully prefer Obama’s sober, balanced, thoughtful approach to solving them.

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  1. I just salivate to know what it must be like when the doors close and McCain is alone with his “handlers.” Oh my God the screaming and vile swearing that must ensue. I can barely await the first tell-all insiders book that will be out within months no doubt. It shall be a delight to learn how well we really KNOW the sleazy mealymouthed jerk. I’m drooling in anticipation. I hope I can skewer a book or two for review.

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