McInsane Caught In The Act?

Somebody please explain what this photo is. If not a Photoshop gag, then what, exactly? Apparently taken during last week’s debate, posted at HuffPo .

If genuine, file it in the Encyclopedia Urantica, under the entry self-parody.


  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Hey Prop,
    That’s a gag alright, but it’s no photoshop gag, it’s a McCain “Gag Me with my own tongue” gag. But if you watched the debate, it was McLost trying to find his way around the desk again, by, yep, following Obama, realizing it, gagging, and turning around to wander off the other side. He then stood out front with Cindy and stuck that monster out again! Body language experts will probably tell you he was releasing the tension of exasperation; I think it shows he knew subconsciously that he came off as an angry leezard, and had to air out that tongue a couple more times to lower his body temp. . .

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