Michelle Obama At C.U.

BOULDER — Michelle Obama was at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Wednesday, and told a huge crowd of students that today was the day they needed to register to vote if they were going to join their fellow students in being the deciding factor in winning Colorado for Barack.  Estimates say there are still roughly 170,000 students and other teens who still have not registered in Colorado.

I won’t say much about her speech, other than it reflected the genuine love and brilliant support she has for her husband, and our next president. She was as eloquently impressive in her own way as Barack is in his. She spoke in frank but persuasive terms that appealed to intelligent patriotism and a resurgence of America’s core values;  I guess you had to be there. 😉

Colorado is tipping BLUE the past two weeks, currently tightening to 49% for Barack and 46% McCain. Tremendous new democratic registration should blow Colorado into a floodstage win for Obama, and I for one will predict right now he’ll take the state on November 4, and the election.

Michelle Obama will be a tremendous First Lady, and a tremendous asset for our nation!

Urantia Book readers take note: one of Michelle’s aides was given a copy of the book for Michelle.  Maybe if she were to get a few more copies before election day she (and Barack)  might realize something’s up with that. . .


  1. Hi Terrie,
    Thanks for stopping by, and sharing some positive vibe!
    Yep the tide is turning, and that hope will soon float all boats.
    Maybe we’re through “quivering on the brink” and will finally be heading into that most amazing and enthralling epoch” they promised!

    I’m down with that. . .

  2. Avatar Terrie of Nebadon

    Hey you radical cadre of Urantians et al.

    I’d have loved to see Michelle Obama today! She and her husband bring me great hope. If they don’t steal the election for a third time–it’s gotta be the Most Highs stepping in–or someone! Because they were totally set up to steal it from Kerry who won by a landslide, and are even more set up to steal it this time around.

    As crazy and primitive as it is in these times, on this world, and although we are dealing with a brainwashed population, and they are stealing more of our money and trying to kill all life and life as we have known it……..

    My heart is singing! I was born for these times. I feel the tide is turning and truth beauty and goodness is upon us. I believe we’re up to the task, whatever it takes–to pick up the pieces and be servants of the Beloved. Co-creators of a new world–that’s how I see it!

    Beloved Creator Son, I bow before you and whisper….”it is Him”.

    Oh my God.

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