New. Cue. Lure. DICKtaters. You Betcha.

New-cue-lure.  When I hear a public servant use the Joe Six-pack pronunciation of the word nuclear, I feel a huge tell on stupid.  Of course Bush was the precedent-setting poster boy who taught us abysmal ignorance always follows on the heels of this particular faux pas. But Flailin’ Palin has a few other “tells,” some of which you may have never heard before last night:

Dills.  We are not talkin’ pickles here, ya mopes, we’re talkin’ DEALS.  As in makin’ dills, like that big-assed gas pipeline dill the reindeer are so excited to hang with, the one SP‘s always talkin’ about, but has so far eluded actual exitence.

Detells. Not a reference to “tells”— per say—  but more like where Lucifer lives. “The devul is in the detells.” And trust that Sarah rilly believes in Lucifer and his axis of evil, Satan, and Beelzebub. Ponder well what this means when she throws down in the blame game.

Dicktaters. Ever eat any?  Barracudas must eat’m all the time.  For breakfast would be my guess. Where do ya find’m?  Overseas, I think. Home grown in mostly third world countries that are on the Bush shit lists McCain enemies list.  Unlike regular “taters,” these are not tots, but, well, full grown Dicks.

Some ‘Merkans have had their fill of dicktaters:


This may be goin’ viral; let it load.

(H/T to Driftglass for finding this. . .  how does he do it.)

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  1. Avatar BlueNose

    Hole Lee She It. That’s the single most frightening video I’ve seen in— weeks. I heard dueling banjos, and I think I could even smell some dicktaters fryin’ on hte stove. I will never forgive McSenile for nominating Palin. Never.

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