Off the C*nt er, Cuff


I think you may have noticed that John McCain has been sayin’ some pretty confusing things, lately.  And it’s fair to point them out, if only because Republicans never miss a chance, in the face of every new McCain gaffe, (the sheer number of which are beginning to rival George Bush’s still accreting world record) to say, “Yeah, but Obama said there wuz ’57 states'”!! during the primaries.


But this one is cute because, right after Sigmund rears his ugly little head, Cindy shifts her weight into the picture to reveal the stony smile that says she sure as shit remembers it was no slip of the leeezard tongue when he used the “c” word on her; no, no, no;  he really meant it.  But maybe, too, it was because he knew, deep down under those remaining mangy little strands of protein growing out of his skull, that without her beer munny, he’d just be some washed up, broken down, stressed out, insane in the membrane old terrorist wanna-be president, without the “luck” to getter done.

In other news. . .  Sarah Palin‘s patriotic shopping spree sent the Dow tumbling another 400 points.  But if she gets to keep the clothes,  she’ll look great at her Alaski Betrayal of Trust trial.

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  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    John Kerry, commenting on the often inane questions asked of presidential candidates, addressed [snicker] how McCain would answer the ‘boxer or briefs’ question:


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