O.J. Simpson: As The Karmic Worm Turns

If the karma fits, you must convict

Hall of Fame football player and former Ginsu Knives spokesman O.J. Simpson was found guilty yesterday by a Las Vegas jury of a number of felonies, including armed robbery, guaranteeing that he will spend at least five years in the Big House.

The verdict comes exactly 13 years from his acquittal in a criminal trial for the brutal stabbing murders of his white ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman; and in the 13th hour of the jury’s deliberations. (What the number 13 signifies I’ll leave to you numerology freaks, kabbalists, and assorted triskaidekaphobiacs.)

The object of the Las Vegas crime was, as Simpson described it, an attempt to retrieve “his stuff,” including the suit he wore during his earlier acquittal, from a couple of sports memorabilia dealers. Stuff that would have otherwise been forfeited to the Goldman and Brown estates pursuant to their successful $33.5 million civil suit judgment against Simpson for the deaths of Ronald and Nicole.

Having escaped the grasp of both criminal and civil law, Simpson appeared to be a justice defying roll. And then Rupert Murdoch entered the scene.

Murdoch offered Simpson big bucks to do an exclusive interview in conjunction with his publishing of a ghost written book titled “If I Did It,” an ‘imagining’ of hitherto undisclosed details of the murders. (A bogus holding company in the name of Simpson’s children was set up to launder his advance and royalties.) Murdoch offered the Goldmans and Browns millions to look the other way, but in the case of the Browns, was told to go to hell.

The announcement of the pending book and interview resulted in an outpouring of public outrage. This, of course, couldn’t have made Murdoch happier, as in his world, slimy publicity is great publicity. However, Frank Goldman successfully sued for the publishing rights and the deal went down in flames. Goldman subsequently printed the book under a different title “Confessions of the Killer,” adding some choice commentary to Simpson’s original wording.

Murdoch ended up eating the 400,000 books he had already printed. And lost another $30 million settling a wrongful firing suit against editor Judith Regan, his designated scapegoat. (Murdoch had claimed Regan had uttered anti-Semitic remarks in a phone call as justification for the firing.) All in all— couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple of guys.

The moral of the story being— you can run from the long arm of the law, more especially cosmic law, but you can’t hide. Bush Administration criminals take note.

The karma principle of causality continuity is, again, very close to the truth of the repercussional synthesis of all time-space actions in the Deity presence of the Supreme.
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