Lieberman Buys Lunch

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Scatology Week: lieberman burgerJoe Lie berman offers up a ginormous double shitburger to the Senate Democrats that allowed him to continue as chairman of two senate committees. “I made it myself,” quipped Lieberman.

WASHINGTON — Senator Joe the Lie berman, with McCain Campaign trail makeup still etched in the folds of his face, presented the Senate Democratic Caucus with one of his legendary homemade, giant double-shitburgers after emerging victorious from a secret caucus vote, which allows him top off his stint as a disloyal Dick with the retention of his two senate chairs.

Although many members of the caucus are privately furious over Lie berman‘s ugly butt-sucking behavior during the campaign, they are betting their “lingering resentment” will cause Lieberman to cooperate with them when it comes time to get down in the sewage again.

This kind of “you rub shit on my back and I’ll rub shit on yours” ploy has always produced reciprocity in the past, but some senators are openly skeptical about ever trusting Lie berman again.  “He’s a giant double-shitburger-making machine,” said one senator who voted against Lie berman.  “Some of my colleagues think this is politically smart,” he said, “but just wait.  Lie berman is a lying sack of shit, and he doesn’t care who steps in it.  There’s no more trusting toad suckers like him.”

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