Future News From The Other Side

dickbushjudgmentLooking decidedly uncomfortable in the habiliments of their stature as last judgment defendants, George Bush and Dick Cheney stand before the Eternal Judge of the Ages. (Click)

MANSONIA ONE — With eyes averted and lips cemented together as if to prevent himself from blurting out the truth, while his former vice-president grimaced and snarled in the face of his predicament, George “W” Bush and Richard “Dick” Cheney were literally  “Meeting their Maker.”  And when asked by their divine judge to characterize their joint stewardship over the affairs of this earth, (Urantia), neither man uttered a sound, but instead jerked their thumbs up in a gesture meant to signify “success.”

The simultaneous gesture by the two men also betrayed a previous rehearsal;  Dick Cheney had instructed the Bush quisling to follow his lead and to “keep [his] fucking mouth shut.”

Both men are having difficulty understanding they are facing an actual final reckoning of their earthly careers, which involves the possible cessation of their existence as personal beings.  The defendant counselors have determined the pair are not currently fit to continue the hearing and should be remanded back to psychotherapy for further evaluation and treatment.

Ascendant Urantians have shown great interest in the outcome of their eternal dispositions.  Both men, as well as several of their appointed colleagues, are facing responsibility for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings during horrendous wars prosecuted under their stewardship of the United States government, a powerful but declining nation of twentieth century Urantia.

Observers of this saga of pre-light and life Urantia will recall the troubled planet is the “sentimental shrine of all Nebadon,” having served as the bestowal world for the Son of God incarnate, Jesus of Nazareth, whom first century Urantians barbarically nailed to a wooden cross, the world subsequently becoming known as “The world of the cross.”


  1. How cool is this; two of my favorite ‘Choppers visiting us here on the front range. . . 😉 You are correct, DB; and thanks for not mentioning their camel-sized asses. And thank you, Nonnie; I realize it’s a gross distortion, but using their actual tiny pinheads would have been too hard to see. (And blame the MSM for not using “quisling” the past eight years to describe Bush, what with the Evil Dick force occupying our country…)

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