Arlen For Lunch



  1. Propagandee Propagandee

    So I guess that leaves them with that awesome Club For Growth guy, Pat Toomey.

    The only way O’s promise of campaigning for Specter in the Democratic primary makes sense is that it guarantees that Specter won’t spend the rest of the next 18 months tacking to the right trying to win the Rethug nomination. Reforming the health care system being the most important issue that will come to a vote during that time.

    When it comes to (utilitarian) political strategy, O’s people are in a class by themselves– way above my paygrade. So I might have to just sit on my principles and watch how this plays out over the long run.

    I’m sure you noticed, but Specter voted against the Dems budget plan today. Not that it made any difference, since it passed by 3 votes.

  2. props,
    i wouldn’t worry much about tom ridge. he’s pro-choice, so he probably wouldn’t win the primary. it seems that only the real wingnut right comes out for primaries in pennsylvania. they’ll reject ridge just as they would have rejected arlen.

  3. Propagandee Propagandee

    Specter first showed up on my radar screen as a member of the Warren Commission, where he authored the single (magical) bullet theory.

    Currently, he’s preventing Obama’s choice of Dawn Jensen from becoming head of the Justice Department’s OLC. He went from being a early co-sponsor of EFCA to adamant opponent. And I don’t think he’ll be much of a help on Obama’s judicial appointments, given his track record on that score.

    But what most gripes me is that he’ll effectively prevent former 3 star Admiral, Rep. Joe Sestak from running in the 2010 PA senate primary, putting the seat at risk especially if the Rethugs run the very popular Tom Ridge.

    However, I do take comfort in watching the Rethugs go ballistic over the switch, especially Mitch McConnell sputtering at one moment that it was a minor event related to local PA politics to claiming that it represented a “threat” to democracy.


  4. Avatar Michael Hart

    Indeed; but he was pretty up front about it. The poor guy felt abandoned by the wingnut party; so be an independent; don’t try to make us believe you’re suddenly a democrat to save your “career.”

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