Baggers Brewing UP Trouble

santa monica t baggers
Thousands of Californians drove past a few dozen Tea Baggers that loitered around the Santa Monica Yacht Harbor today, seemingly unaware that none of their protest signs had a single exclamation point.  Yawn.

SANTA MONICA — After way too much delicious coffee and enough free wifi to gag a geek, I decided to get out and scout around for teh Baggers.  And after driving around a few hours, suddenly I spotted me some.  There they were, braving 10 to 15 mph gusts of wind, clustered together at the Santa Monica Amusement Park Pier thing, where other over-burdened Duhmericans keep they yachts and stuff.

Thousands of people drove by the approximately 3 dozen tepid tea bag party mongers.  There was no honking and no shouting.  Just mellow-steeped messages like, “Stop Spending Money,” and “Stop The Stimulus To Nowhere.”  Congess woman Maxine Waters, representing California’s heavily Democratic 35th District, seemed to be singled out for particular attention, one sign suggesting she was a “Tea Bag.”

Another sign said “JAIL Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd.”  I’m not sure why they wanted them to be jailed, and frankly I didn’t care enough to ask.  I think every Duhmerican has a right to protest whatever the hell they please;  just don’t pretend you’ve been aggrieved when you’ve got no evidence to support it;  that’s when I tell you to STFU.

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