Sharing A Cell Box With A Giant Scorpion Is Not Torture.

Giant ScorpionBush judge: sharing a cell box with an insect (or a giant scorpion) is not torture. (Click it.)

Glenzilla on the content of the just released Torture Memos:

Just consider parts of this August 1, 2002 Memo (.pdf) by then OLC official (and now-federal judge) Jay Bybee, authorizing the following techniques for Abu Zubaydah, who was shot three times during his capture and was still suffering from those wounds when these techniques were authorized.


According to Judge Bybee, being locked up in a box with an insect doesn’t constitute torture.  Since I live in the confines of his 9th District, and I might one day have business before his appellate court, remind me not to risk a contempt citation from this guy.

Those who are earnest die not; the thoughtless are dead already. Blessed are they who have insight into the deathless state. Those who torture the living will hardly find happiness after death.
—The Urantia Book


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  2. Propagandee Propagandee

    Hi Nonnie:

    Good point about the difference between knowing you are going to survive a torture exercise, such as provided in SERE training for the US military, and the devastating psychological effects of NOT KNOWING used against suspected terrorists, political malcontents, or whomever.

    Apologists for “enhanced interrogation techniques” always cite things like SERE training to obscure the devastating psychological consequences of real torture.

    Remember Don Rumsfeld mocking Abu Ghraib victims for having to stand for hours at a time in stress positions because he preferred to work standing up as opposed to sitting behind a desk all day?

    These people are truly sick.

  3. let’s send bybee to ‘get me out of here, i’m a celebrity’ (the show blago wants to be on). the first time they put him in a closed coffin with rats running all over him or stick his head in a bubble with all kinds of insects swarming in it, he’ll shit his pants and cry for his mommy. of course, he’ll be assured that he’ll live through his ordeal, and everything will be documented on tv.

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