Glimpsed Along The Road

HornyDudesThese two horny dudes loomed over my breakfast burrito

Riding shotgun gave me time to let the road movie play…

I made eye-contact with a young non-Caucasian boy staring from the back seat of a passing gull gray Jaguar as I licked Cheeto dust off my fingertips, one at a time…

Sometimes you can sense which drivers are going to look your way as you pass them…  Like the Limbaugh look-alike in a Liz Cheney wig, her long brown cigarette wedged between her arched left index and middle fingers resting at ten-thirty on the El Dorado’s steering wheel, who gave me a ball-chilling sideways glare…

Durango_CO_2Durango, Colorado before the corporate pods arrived

The food chains have exploded in once sleepy mountain towns…  and everything in between… Babo’s, Blimpie’s, Beaujos, Blondies, Bradley’s, Bart’s, and Bob’s;  Marks, Martha’s, Max’s, and May’s;  Nini’s, Norseman’s, Nero’s, and Natalias’; Pangea’s, Papa Murph’s, Pippo’s, and Poppy’s;  and on through the alphabet.  If people have paid money to eat it somewhere, you can find it anywhere.

On the back driver’s side window of a behemoth Government Motors pickum-up truck


On another gas-guzzling GM pigmobile

And then, there are these behemoths
Made large to be viewed large

Still, others think we live on


But the most haunting image of the whole trip in a road haiku:

A workman’s old glove
spinning in the semi’s wake
down the gray highway


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