Palinnosaurus wrex

Palinnosaurus wrex: palin Waders
Hip deep in political feces, Palinnosaurus still has some monkeys captivated;  with what, exactly, I just couldn’t say.


Some people will tell you there are at least two good reasons why Sarah Palin will still be around the political scene in 2012, that she is no “dumb bunny” just because Katie Couric was able to repeatedly make a fool out of her, and that she is really very “clever.”  Clever, as in watching the death throes of a decapitated turkey in the background is not media tone-deafness, it’s a brilliant way to connect to teh great unwashed.  Thus…

Reason one:  Teh Stoopid still love her.

Reason Two:  In a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, 71% of Republicans say they’d likely vote for her if she ran for president in 2012.


So Christian Right rednecks who think government should be drowned in a bathtub still love her despite her chronic-foot-in mouth disease; they genuinely like that high, tight, whiney voice that pummels the opposition with run-on sentences strung together with “also” and punctuated with “You betcha.”  Fine.

But these are folks who, like Palin, believe the world is a mere 6,000 years old;  that evolution is bunk a theory;  that Creation “Science” should be taught with other theories of the origin of life.  During the campaign she was asked about her personal views on evolution, and would only say, “I believe we have a creator.” [sic]  Anybody but Teh Stoopid think that will suffice in 2012?

Uh uh.  That little lemur of an issue will transform into a Tyrannosaurus rex before you can say, Wow— Sarah Palin thinks there were dinosaurs walking around 4,000 years ago?  Seriously??

Still painfully relevant:


So let the Great White Media Shark keep tossing her around like a baby Harp Seal for as long as they can get the viewers that keep their sewers flowing, and we’ll keep pointing out the obvious:  Sarah Palin is as dumb as a door knob;  and when everybody’s had a turn, she can be relegated to the growing gob pile of Republican dinosaurs;  political creatures of a by-gone era that were once the terror of the world for a time;  a time that is, thankfully, coming to an ignominious end.

Palinnosaurus Wrex


  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    Hey ZIRGAR, welcome to USojo! We think the alliteration “big bag” is really profound, and we’d like to welcome you into our inner circle for using it, which includes the vacant “Z” spot on our Kindred Spirits B-roll; oh. and also for your hilarious PS of the Cletus Allen Lutz family: You rock, dude. ;-D

  2. all she’s done over the last year is to bitch and moan about how unfair the media is to her. so what does she do? gives every media outlet an interview in her brand new waders and full makeup while she was roughing it. 🙄

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