Sarah Baradiva’s Doomsday Clock


Tick tock, tick tock…

Euripides observed that those whom the gods would destroy they first make crazy.

Today’s NY Times article, Palin’s Long March to a Short-Notice Resignation documents the Greek tragedy that has become Sarah Baradiva’s sorry little life. Proving that the law of karma is chock-a-block full with irony and not a little humor, the writers save the best for last:

At the governor’s Anchorage office, staff members are struggling to roll with Ms. Palin’s surprise announcement. Last week, a clock on the wall continued its countdown. Under a “Time to Make a Difference” placard, the clock ticks away the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the scheduled end to Ms. Palin’s term. As of Friday, it had 513 days left.

Striking the irony gong with a 20 lb. sledge hammer, the governor’s spokesman David Murrow complained:

“I don’t know how to reset the darn thing.”

More irony is noted in Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore‘s post today, Sarah Palin’s Constitutional Train Wreck. Palin’s sudden resignation has precipitated a constitutional crisis in her beloved state that will cost even more money to resolve.

Nothing like destroying the village in order to save it.

One would think that the Rethuglicans would have learned their lesson from the last village idiot they set loose upon the country and keep Sarah confined to the attic. While the majority of the party’s elected politicians seem to appreciate that, the party’s biggest noisemakers, the media morons, want her out there front and center, preferably as a guest on their shows to boost ad revenues.

It ancient Roman times, it was a combination of bread and circuses that kept the masses content and the rulers in power. Today, the essential schizophrenia embodied by the Rethuglicans is being exposed, with those who profit from running the circus beating out those who profit by handing out the bread.

Media personalities command annual pay some 20-40 times what a “public servant” earns. And while politicians are free to pocket unspent campaign donations when they retire and cash in other chits like being hired as lobbyists and corporate board members from former donors, media personalities pocket millions every year, not counting book royalties and speaking fees they derive from their celebrity. It will be interesting to see how the Big Money that backs both will bridge the increasing divide.

Politicians naturally have to have a broader, more moderate appeal than their carnival barker counterparts in the blabosphere. The former actually has the burden of governing while the latter only has to keep their low information audiences amused and aroused. Even Crazy Sarah knows that, especially the part about that governing thang.

Let Euripides have the last word:

A coward turns away, but a brave man’s choice is danger.


  1. Mmm, let’s see, shall we have the half-baked, all-white, good ole loaf of high fiber family Christian values, or the toasted nuttiness of celebrity Wonder Bread, with dinosaur droppings and half-bread ingredients…

    I dunno, Prop, looks like the circus freak shows are proliferating out of control; Ensign’s tent continues vibrating with moral turpitude, as the Sandford Sideshow keeps pulling them in with the “real love” hook, with new kid on the midway, former Rep. Chip Pickering (R-MS) and erstwhile C Street resident, will be barking at a different show if his ex can prove he blew his political career so he could get blown away by his mistress …

  2. Avatar human of days

    Cosmic tip of the day:

    Try using bro in any word that starts with pro:

    brofessional, brotien, brotagonist ….

    Wishing you / us all much broductivity from all of us / you in the brogram.

    That gave me a headache, where’s my brozac.

  3. Propagandee Propagandee

    Yo nonnie:

    The pic was a mind meld between me and that other guy…

    As for the princess, looks like she’s getting serious, her name attached to an op-ed about cap and trade in today’s WAPO.

    Funny how the wingers are still promoting her as one of the country’s great experts on energy. As I recall, she got a political appointment to an AK gas and oil commission, and after a whole 10 months during which all she did was bitch about other people’s ethics, pulled a Palin and walked.

    God, I hope she wins the Rethug presidential primary. I’d look for her to quit the party just before the election and run as an independent on a platform of seceding from the planet…

  4. props,
    the people most pissed off were the rethugs. this is from jay ramras, a rethug from fairbanks:

    “The governor quit and went fishing,” Ramras said in the statement. “Governor Palin failed to leave specific instructions, so the Legislature is stepping in to bring order to the constitutional chaos she created.”


    “She seems to have planned the succession of state business around a picnic rather than the constitution she told us for years and years she cherishes more than anything else,” Ramras said in a phone interview with Channel 2. “It seems to diminish the process, and I find her behavior irresponsible and deplorable.”

    it appears that at least one of them sees right through princess sarah.

    p.s. hilarious graphic! 😆

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