Kennedy Catches Eternal Wave

Rocky Wave
Edward “Ted” Kennedy  1932-2009

Senator Edward Kennedy caught a wave off the planet today, and headed out on the high seas of mortal destiny to the next world.  The mouse circus will be showing pictures and footage of the graduated senator all day, and probably even after the Kennedy family has a ceremony commemorating his life, work, and passing to a higher plane.

Life is short and intense here on Urantia.  All the more reason to keep our wit sharp, our powder dry, our spirit clear, and our soul vibrant;  for no one knows how much time they get here.

The pursuit of the ideal— or as we  like to call it, the striving to be Godlike— is a continuous effort before death, and after.  The life that Kennedy now embraces is no different in the essentials than the one he just left.  But every time a human being— especially a distinguished man among men— passes beyond the vale and into the brighter shining of the next shore, we would all do well to pause a moment or two, or twenty, and reflect on just what it is we’ll be taking with us into the unknown.  Whether you’re cognizant of it or not, you can bet your bags are being packed for the trip even as we speak of it.


  1. I admired all three of the political Kennedy brothers. I worked to get Bobby elected and I was just a young-un at the first foray into stumping for a politico.

    Teddy had a lot to stand tall about. That old line: To whom much is given, much will be expected-Well, Ted really took it to heart.

    So much pain and sorrow in that family..shows us that money don’t cure any ills..or make anyone has a way of getting in the way.

    Beautiful post Saitia. 😉

  2. Avatar mary b

    Teddy Kennedy was the only one in recent years to speak up and try to help the less fortunate among us. He was Christian in the true sense of the word. Doing good things to help others without screaming it from the tallest building and he never, ever, tried to tell others how to live their lives. He offered guidance.

    He will truly be missed.

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