Sentients And Lizard People

Lizard People
Rethuglican Lizard Leader, Newt Gingrich, lizard’splainin’ things.

It’s not every day that Bill Maher gets it right, but when he does, he really does.  America is loaded with “Lizard People.”  “People” who wonder where the sun goes at night.  People with the collective mental acumen of crab grass.

The political party of The Lizard People, the Rethuglicans, who once again are knocking the nation back on its heels with their brilliant “Yell At Them” strategery, and it appears to be working.  The Democrats are scurrying around trying to figure out a strategy of their own for accomplishing a rational national health care plan;  or, you know, something that doesn’t have Obama‘s name on it, so stupid people can have health care, too.

But unless and until they understand what entertainers like Maher are getting at, they may as well resign themselves to molting once a year and eating bugs the rest of their lives.


  1. Avatar mary b

    I agree with you, Saitia. But I’m not worried about the next world. I am a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. I’m worried about the people I know now that have a lot of health issues and can’t even see any kind of health professional, at least to know how to deal with their condition. I am a firm believer in educating yourself. If you at least have some kind of diagnosis, you can then try to educate yourself and take steps to make things better or at least stabilize. I do apologize, this health care business has hit too close to home. I, myself am also a victim of not being able to help myself. If you have no control whats so ever with your own health, then you may as well give up. I never used to feel that way, so it’s just making me angrier when the Congress can try and work together for solutions, but the rethugs absolutely refuse. Their only so-called solution is, Tax Cuts Baby, Tax Cuts! It makes me sick that they do not care about people in the least. I could go on and on, I’ve probably went too far already. For this, I apologize.

  2. Hey Mary,
    They may be happy for awhile; but they can’t take it with them. If you think they’re a bunch of sorry-assed losers now, wait until you see them in the next world, busing tables in the Mansion World Cafeteria.

  3. Avatar mary b

    Obama and the Dems in Congress should just sit down and scream ENOUGH! They should take health care and make it into Single Payer and pass it with 51 votes. That’ll teach the rethuglican’ts to throw hissy fits and pay lobbyists to disrupt any kind of intelligent conversation.
    What a sorry bunch of losers the rethugs are. Hopefully, there are enough sane rethugs left (Andrew Sullivan comes to mind) that will see through their stagecraft and finally realize that they are all about the money. They could care less if someone lives or dies. As long as there is money to be pocketed, then they’ll all be happy.
    There you go with part 1 of my daily rant.

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