On What Planet Do You Spend Most Of Your Time?

Let me get this straight: A LaRouchie stands up at a town hall meeting and demands to know why a Congressman who happens to be Jewish and gay (two categories of people who were mercilessly murdered by Hitler’s goons) is supporting President Obama’s “Nazi” health care reform proposals…

And all Fux News can complain about is how rude Barney Frank was in responding to her?

On what planet do they spends most of their time?


  1. Hey its all about the rather lucretive practice of Wealth Extraction from the Middle Class. Once that’s done the face of politics will change in a most unattractive manner. [even moreso than it has done lately].

    Poor People don’t generally have the energy to think beyond putting food in their bellies and keeping the lights on. Think how much easier it will be for cooporate America to ram harmful legislation through in that world.

  2. Avatar mary b

    I love this shit! What hypocrites! And don’t you think that O’Lielly was a tad bit rude when Obama had the courage to go on his show?
    Jon Stewart (as usual) had a great mash up of this very subject and Fox News last night (Wednesday). It was really spot on.

    I love Barney Frank. He always tells it like it is. There is never any boredom listening to him speak. I think that maybe these people from hell trying to distract everybody and anybody from discussing health care are finally making people see what asses they are. And with Barney giving it back good, it’s opening eyes even wider.

    Go Barney!

  3. For now, Barny Frank is my Hero! He was a lot nicer to that sniveling shill than I would have been. Did you see the whole video where that other shill was complaining about Barny’s attempt to make loans to the newly unemployed so they wouldnt loose their home too? That also was a trip down the river fuctard.

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