WHY SO DUMB?Download and distribute.


  1. Avatar mary b

    Is the X om her head the same kind that Manson’s followers did so they could X themselves out of the world?

    Sarah needs to go back to her 30,000 foot regular American home and be a mother. (Not a mother f*cker). Her baby needs more care than the average baby and he has already lacked the crucial therapy he needs.

    Sorry. She just makes my blood boil. It was bad enough before but now with her “Death Panels” that she has experience with, I don’t think my blood could boil any hotter.

    But it is a very creative funny picture that captures her essence very well.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. You’re more than welcome, S.E.Chick!

    Hey Dc, Is your toast getting darker or what?
    Palin will only look “better” when she retrieves poor Todd’s wedding ring from the sludge of Lake Lucille.

    nonnie you silly goose, ya don’t have ta do nuthin’ ta git a poser to pose. . . 😎

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