Moyers To Obama: Time To Kick Ass On Health Care Reform

What he said…

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  1. Wow, that is the best thing you have posted all week, and that is saying something. I have posted this on my blog with the following idea. I don’t think Obama knows that a lot of his constituents feel this way. But unlike Chris Broughton, we are unwilling to show up at rallies with guns strapped to us, to intimidate the nutballs into shutting the hell up, the way that they try to do us.
    What if bloggers who were in agreement with this video, posted this code on their pages, as a show of solidarity. A message to Obama, to other Americans {of varying degress of mental health and moral terpitude} that yea, its time to put nice away, and get down to the business of getting shit done.

    I figure its like this. If a girlfriend called me on the phone and told me her man was treating her, the way that Republicans are treating the rest of us, I would tell her she needed to leave him and go to a shelter and take out a restraining order. I would find her a lawyer personally.

    Taking all this crazy shit from the Republicans right now is just self destructive and it only encourages them to even more extreme acts of idiocy and violence.

    This needs to stop. I hope that we can all tell Obama and the Dems that, this week.
    Or not. Its a free Country after all.

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