Rumba In The Dumba


Praying this young lady has good health care insurance…

In an historically rare prime time presidential address to a joint session of Congress concerning health care reform, all the major networks will carry it live, except oneFox Broadcasting, which instead will show its regularly scheduled reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, the same reality show they aired during a prior Obama health care presser.

With 6x as many Americans dying yearly for lack of health care as died on 9/11; with another million per year going bankrupt because of a catastrophic illness in the family; with 14,000 people a day losing coverage as they lose their jobs amidst the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; with US companies at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of world because they provide coverage for their employees; with health care premiums doubling in the last decade and expected to double again in the next and that will require a family with a yearly gross income of $56k to pay half of that to the Medical Mafia, Rupert Murdoch thinks its so much more important to give a few aspiring narcissists a chance to strut their stuff and win a place in the glorious firmament of American celebrity culture.

Perfect: A reality show to obviate reality.

What’s next– censoring a president’s motivational speech to students by intimidating school boards into not showing it, or encouraging parents to keep their children at home?

Oh, ‘scuse me. Like Kurt Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim, I seem to have become unstuck in time.

Scratch that last.

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