You Lie!

You Lie“You Lie!” yelled the coward, Joe Wilson.

As you doubtless already know, Rep. Joe the Bummer Wilson yelled “You lie!”at the president during his speech to Congress. Wilson believes the president is unwilling to let illegal aliens bleed to death because they ain’t got no moneys, and plans to pay for all their sex-change operations and abortions with Joe’s very own paper currency.

Despite his new status as hero to the reptard wingnut casserole, Joe Wilson’s seemingly courageous act of career-ending stupidity was really an act of cowardice;  for what he really wanted to yell was this: 

Because I could barely stand to watch that moronic fuctard Bush address Congress as our president, I can’t be certain that no one ever yelled at him despite how much more it was deserved;  especially an elected representative of the government.  And to this ugliness, even old hands like Barney Frank dismissed it as mere heckling, something he pointed out is a matter of course in the backward House of Commons, which still behaves like a bunch of nitwits.

But some dumbshit reptillican Americans can actually excuse this ugly bit of teabag thuggery disrespecting the president— our highest communicative assemblage,  and the presidency itself— claiming the, “You Lie!” was— and I’m not making this up— “barely audible.”  That’s right, barely audible;  as though the volume level was more important than the slur;  although everyone in the picture above heard it, and anyone in the entire nation watching it on television heard it, too.

I remember that Jesus once told his apostles that they better watch their ass after he left, because they would be hated without a reason, just as he was. “If they dare to persecute me, they will also persecute you. If my words offend the unbelievers, so also will your words offend the ungodly.”  He went on to say that, while many of those who would assail them were ignorant of the light of heaven, it was not so of everyone who persecuted them— and that since they had knowingly rejected the truth, they had no excuse for their attitude.  “And he who hates me, hates my Father.  It cannot be otherwise; the light which would save you if accepted can only condemn you if it is knowingly rejected.”

Those dour men and women on the right who sat on their sweaty hands, gnashing their teeth as President Obama called out their lies, are like the whited sepulchres, outwardly appear fit and proper, but within are full of dead men’s bones and all sorts of uncleanness.  And what has Barack Obama done to deserve the hatred of the fuctard right?  Nothing, save to offer them bipartisanship in providing health care for every American.  There is no excuse for their attitude, either;  and the light which could save them even now if accepted, can only condemn them if it is knowingly and finally rejected.


  1. Avatar mary b

    “And what has Barack Obama done to deserve the hatred of the fuctard right? Nothing, save to offer them bipartisanship in providing health care for every American. There is no excuse for their attitude, either; and the light which could save them even now if accepted, can only condemn them if it is knowingly and finally rejected.”

    Because they are rejecting what Jesus hoped men would do, help the ‘least among us’ and to try and bring about ‘brotherhood of man,’ why are they even in government?
    And back to my same rhetorical question that I can never answer for myself, how in the hell can they call themselves Christian?
    I just don’t get it. I simply don’t.
    I have been immersing myself in The Urantia Book for the last 4 days, starting from the beginning after flipping through certain passages since it’s arrived. Maybe I just haven’t gotten to that part yet. (I really am studying the book, as if it were a legal document. I want to get everything I can out of it)
    What is the matter with these people?

    1. Avatar Michael Hart

      @mary b,
      Mary b,
      These men are in government for the power. Of course only God can look into their souls and judge their motivation; we must judge their actions, and when they act like Joe Wilson did last night, we can see the ugliness in their hearts.

      Wilson is concerned with “our” money being used to help “outsiders”— illegal immigrants. That Samaritan asshole on the side of the road? He will bleed to death in Joe Wilson’s world. Wilson claims to be Presbyterian, i.e., a Christian. Then he may be interested to know what Jesus said about people who serve the interests of money.

      “I affirm that he who is faithful in little will also be faithful in much, while he who is unrighteous in little will also be unrighteous in much. If you have not shown foresight and integrity in the affairs of this world, how can you hope to be faithful and prudent when you are trusted with the stewardship of the true riches of the heavenly kingdom? If you are not good stewards and faithful bankers, if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will be foolish enough to give you great treasure in your own name?
      “And again I assert that no man can serve two masters; either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to one while he despises the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

      Keep reading, Mary. Be patient. A spiritual understanding of our life and times here on Urantia will eventually emerge from your study, and you will bring your own unique insight to it. There are important distinctions to be made between evil, error, sin, and iniquity, and eventually you will know how the spiritual world views these meanings. But I can tell you that some of our fellow travelers embrace these differing levels, and while we might understand their choices as cosmically suicidal, they can never be reasonable to those of us who choose the way of everlasting life and light.

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