Milkin’ It

MilkCartonRepugsI don’t do much cow dairy, so imagine my shock at seeing this vicious attack on four of our nation’s most profligate smug lying bastards.

Here’s one of the smug lying bastards from June 25th, 2009— Roy Blunt-Object— introducing us to the Republican Health Care Reform efforts; be sure to watch to the very end for the full impact of the Republican plan— it gets really informative @ 1:35


Now how’s that for some fancy teleprompter readin’!  And. Yeah. the republican’ts are busy drafting their own health care plan, especially formulated to help small businesses and families.  Just don’t hold your breath.  Yeah, you heard right: “…Please take a few moments to look at what we’re doing to craft a bill that’s an “American” health care plan.”  And no, we didn’t alter their video…  sometimes the irony is too much to bear.


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