Propaganda Douche

DoucheBeck2Douche Beck plays Knight of the Long Toy Knives
as Propaganda Douche-Czar for Fux Noiz. (You must click it.)

Even if you haven’t been paying attention, you’ve seen or heard on your teevee the Screamers, the Birthers, the Deathers, at some town hall. You may have even heard one of them ask: “Why should I pay for your health care?”  In this one question, you have the full stench of selfishness and hypocrisy rolled into one, ugly little meme, promulgated by a once noxious, now lethal political party, ruled by demagogic propagandists like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

…the entire Republican party now openly defines itself
blatantly racist, sexist, repressed, exclusionary,
and permanently addicted to the politics of fear and rage

Bob Burnett

Beginning with the lie that the Obama Administration wants to suspend the second amendment and deny Americans the right to bear arms, Glen Beck has promoted armed resistance. Falsely claiming Obama has “surrounded himself by Marxists his whole life,” Beck proclaimed the Obama era is reminiscent of “”the early days of Adolf Hitler” and suggested America is rapidly becoming ” a totalitarian state.” The Republican Party and closely allied lobbyists promoted thuggery that disrupted town hall meetings. Now the Republican Party teeters on the edge of the signature tactic of fascist movements: sponsoring paramilitary groups.

It’s not a secret that Douche Beck is seeking to destroy the government of the United States, the democratically elected established order;  he seeks outright rebellion, and what’s worse, he is free to promulgate this treasonous propaganda every day on Fox News (hereafter Fux Noiz).

Sara Robinson

it’s easy to trace how American proto-fascism offered redemption from the upheavals of the 1960s by promising to restore the innocence of a traditional, white, Christian, male-dominated America. This vision has been so thoroughly embraced that the entire Republican party now openly defines itself along these lines. At this late stage, it is blatantly racist, sexist, repressed, exclusionary, and permanently addicted to the politics of fear and rage. Worse: it doesn’t have a moment’s shame about any of it. No apologies, to anyone. These same narrative threads have woven their way through every fascist movement in history.

[my emphasis]


Beck, just like fatman Rush Limbaugh, is practicing the Propaganda of Agitation.  It attracts attention by being explosive, incendiary, and patriotically “revolutionary.”  Hate is always its most profitable resource, which makes it easy, even patriotic, to attribute one’s fears and misfortunes to “another”— in this case— a black man who masquerades as the President of their “stolen” nation.  And of course, the only real way to rid themselves of this invader from a foreign country, this terrible misfortune, is to kill him.

It’s an easy job to incite this volume of fear and hatred.  That’s why a drug-addled bloviator like Limbaugh and a dry-drunk moron like Douche Beck have become so successful at stirring up racial hatred in America. Remember, Beck only had to say it once on national television— and the Media Monkeys repeated it for him a million times.  And with platforms provided by Fux Noiz and Clear Channel, thy can reach every whacktard nutbox in the nation;  even as they ridicule the President as “over-exposed” from appearing in five television interviews on behalf of national health care.

And don’t think the recent exodus of Fux Noiz advertisers to other, less volatile Fux pundicks is any kind of effective victory. Fux isn’t losing any revenue, or viewers.  And Fux Noiz will never take Douche Beck off the air— until the government of the American people finally recognize it for what it is: an enemy within, with an unlimited opportunity to use our most powerful communication tools to sabotage our elected President and other leaders.

The questions Americans should be asking themselves are these:

Are Americans smart enough to safeguard their own democracy?

Are they wise, intelligent, and fearless enough to prevent the stalemate of the dominance of Mediocrity?

Are they wise, intelligent, and fearless enough to control whactard but clever wanna-be dictators like Limp’nBleck?

Do they have the will to prevent domination by vicious minorities funded by professional lobby groups, like Americans For Prosperity?

Do they have the will to prevent the machinations of ignorant and superstitious agitators, like birthers and deathers, etc.?

Will they put a stop to the continuing exploitation by the unscrupulous corporate pigs at the trough, like Blackwater and Haliburton?

Will they prevent their own taxation enslavement by the wealthiest one percent of the population?

Will they reverse the current grotesque failure of social and economic fairness?

Will they act to insure the prevention of the union of church and state?

And will they act to reverset the loss of their personal liberty?

There are many more questions, to be sure.  But these fundamental threats to our charter of liberty must be answered now;  today;  by all Americans who love this country, and intend to fight for it as wisely, intelligently, and as fearlessly as we can.

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