Bully Biff Beck

BiffBeckJust a few of the freaks that live in the head of Douche Beck.

If you have the intestinal fortitude to watch Fux Noiz celebrity rodeo clown, Douche Beck, have you noticed how he looks and acts a lot like the quintessential Dick of the Back To the Future trilogy thing?  Both share low intelligence with a penchant for bullying smaller, weaker human beings;  both share that stupidity with a virulent strain of cowardice. Biff was a big pussy; Beck is a little pussy.

And do you remember what happened to Biff?  So many cars need waxing;  so little time for Douche Beck to get them done.


    1. Ignore that wise-ass Hart; I speak for the rabble here when I say we cherish your nomination as much as we would the award; we’re messed up that way. In our opinion you’re a writer with few peers, and we’re honored by your opinion of us and fortunate when you’re our guest. Our sincere thanks.

    2. Mark, Thanks! What Saitia said; our small band of loyal guests are a treasure because we know how busy they are, since many of them are hard working bloggers, like you. As O says, we really are in this together, and we’re proud you’re with us.

  1. Avatar BlueNose

    You’re right nonnie, only unfortunately I think he’s capable of much worse; I’d never let him anywhere near my upholstery… and he hasn’t proved he didn’t rape and murder someone, either.

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