Queen Palin
A 2012 nightmare? Presi-Queen Sarah Palin, with First Vice Princess, Carrie Prejean, and Second Vice Princess, Mittens Romney. If you wanneh smell the satin, you must click it.

EXPERTS TELL US that a nightmare is just an unpleasant dream.  A nightmare can evoke strong, unpleasant emotional responses, like fear or horror, and fearfulness in your awake life can often be correlated with the incidence of such nightmares.  These dreams may involve discomfort, dangerous situations, or some type of psychological or physical distress.   If you’ve experienced a psychological trauma, for instance, you might experience the trauma again and again in nightmares.

What these experts leave out of their critique of nightmares, are the influence of pop-culture wanna-be politicos;  self-aggrandizing opportunists willing to use anything they can to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power.  Instrumental to the success of these avaricious hustlers is a gaggle of complicit media whores, who use the people’s airwaves to relentlessly indoctrinate an ignorant and ill-informed electorate.

The result, of course, are our political nightmares.  What if the corporate astroturf sluts who constantly assure us through the distorted lense of fux noizeland that the raging, fear-crazed teabaggers really are the enfranchised majority in a rabidly far right country, and will most certainly elect a self-serving half-wit princess to the new office of Presi-Queen in 2012?

Imagine waking up reeking with sweat, trembling, and screaming, because you just saw First Princess Carrie Prejean leering at you over the chubby shoulder of President-Queen-elect Sarah Palin, while Mittens Romney, Second Princess, in full evening gown drag with magic undies ridin’ high, fawns over her other shoulder… and that roaring chainsaw sound permeating this paralyzing visage? It’s none other than the First Dude, ATV ridin’ roughshod over Michelle and the kids’ vegetable garden…

There are many national nightmare scenarios ahead of us, I’m afraid, and some of them are bound to come true.  But we can learn from the ones that have already come to pass, and act as a people to ensure they don’t re-occur again and again.  Stay active, hopeful, and sane by embracing the living truth of your awake life, while intelligently dismissing the lunacy of your nightmares.  We’ll all be the better for it, and closer to making our good dreams come true.


The NightmareAfter “The Nightmare”  by John Henry Fuseli


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