Shoshana Johnson

I try to avoid The Larry King Show like the plague. The man seems incapable of asking, let alone pressing, a follow-up question to guests who cling to their talking points like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.

However, as the clip above show, sometimes truth finds a way to penetrate King’s infotainment containment system. The issue was PTSD and what role in might have played in the Ft. Hood massacre.

Former Iraq Vet and POW Shoshana Johnson takes a figurative 2×4 to the head of a puffed-up, Green Zone insulated  Jag puke for questioning her street cred.

Watch and enjoy.


  1. good for shoshana! it’s about time people started calling out these jackasses. kos from the big orange called out tom tancredo on the ed show for being a chickenhawk, and little tommy got mad and tore off his microphone. 😆

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