BREAKING: Iraq War Was Illegal

mutilated Iraq War marine veteranTyler Ziegel marries after surviving suicide bomber in Iraq

From the Department of D’uh:

Iraq war was illegal, Dutch panel rules


The war in Iraq had “no basis in international law”, a Dutch inquiry found today, in the first ever independent legal assessment of the decision to invade.

In a series of damning findings, a seven-member panel in the Netherlandsconcluded that the war, which was supported by the Dutch government following intelligence from Britain and the US, had not been justified in law.

“The Dutch government lent its political support to a war whose purpose was not consistent with Dutch government policy,” the inquiry in the Hague concluded. “The military action had no sound mandate in international law.”

In a further twist, it emerged that the UK government refused to disclose a key document requested by the Dutch panel.

The document – allegedly a letter from Tony Blair asking for the support of the Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende – was handed over in a breach of diplomatic protocol and on the basis that it was for Balkenende’s eyes only, an inquiry official told the Guardian.

“It was a surprise for our committee when we discovered information about this letter,” said Rob Sebes, a spokesman for the Dutch inquiry. “It was not sent with a normal procedure between countries – instead it was a personal message from Tony Blair to our prime minister Jan Peter Balkanende, and had to be returned and not stored in our archives.

“We asked the British government to hand over the letter but they refused.”

So glad that’s been cleared up.


  1. Avatar Aleicgha

    Have respect. I will never forget when my Lt. Co. uncle told me when I was a little girl, “We fight there, or they come here. You saw how everyone reacted to 9-11. That happens there all the time.”

  2. Avatar Bcasey11

    What if we were invaded by a foreign nation with different values, customs, religion and tried to impose a new rule of law. Every red neck from west virginia to Nevada would be ready willing to commit suicide to fight them. Blind faith in our leaders isn’t patriotism, patriotism is commitment to principles that were set forth in the constitution. This poor poor man gave his life to the anti-American bush dynasty for Haliburton profits and oil security. That is not patriotism, that poor girl is like (why couldn’t he join the coast guard.)

    1. Propagandee Propagandee

      We all make our choices according to our best lights and live with the consequences.

      Despite the sometimes tragic results, I find encouragement in the fact that men and women generally frame their efforts as doing good, even as they err.

      Speaks to our basic evolutionary thrust towards the light, methinks.


    I only wish this dude to be happy with her ‘cuz she doesn’t really looks happy with him… Hey wife why did you marry him? (Don’t answer to us… answer to yourself and I only hope the answer is as strong as the love you feel for your everlasting husband………………)

    1. Propagandee Propagandee

      That’ really insensitive, dude, whatever religious spin you want to put on it. The poster above you has a different interpretation of her look– pissed not at Tyler, but the fucktard that did that to him.

  4. Propagandee Propagandee


    I have great respect for those who have put their life on the line in service to their country. (Both my grandfathers served in WW1 and my mother and father served in WW2, my dad was awarded a couple of bronze in the Jimas. My brother and his wife are retired full bird colonels.)

    In Tyler’s case, he is the very picture of bravery and sacrifice. My intent was to show the horrible consequences of war, which in the case of Iraq, was made even more tragic because it was an unnecessary war, a war of choice perpetrated by the deceptions of the Bush and Blair administrations.

    While I well understand that those who serve in the military aren’t afforded the luxury of discriminating between just and unjust wars as civilians are, nevertheless, civilians have a comparable duty to insure that the wars we do fight are fought as a last resort, and not waged out of ignorance or greed. The consequences are just too great.


    You guys need to pay some respct to a man who put his life on the line to save your ass. This man has courage, stength, and honor! you guys neeed to grow up and pay your dues and join it will do u some good!

    1. Avatar Joe Andersen

      That marine is a true patriot and so is his wife. They have my utmost respect. I think of them every day when I stand to pledge our country’s flag. Semper Fidelis

    2. Avatar dd

      Yeah, strength, honor, a f***ed up life (and face), and you how it’s called ? – PEACE through blood. Join and die, join and get crippled, join and cripple others, get a license to kill and get killed. FOR WHAT ??

      1. Avatar Nguyen

        I know i come off as bias, I myself serve in the military. We dont choose what wars to fight, we didnt join so we could kill people. Like you we have a right to fight for what we believe is right. America is a good country and should not be judge on the mistakes of one man (not gonna say who that is) We’re just kids of the 9/11 era willing to lay our lives down so that doesnt happen again. I dont ask you to believe me or to support this war. Trust me many of us in the army dont support this war, but again we dont choose. But please just show respect for our dead and wounded vets, thats all i ask… PFC Minh Nguyen

    3. Avatar Kelly

      I agree 100% … I give this brave soilder all my respect. Not only him but any of the men who fought in the name of freedom. People need to stop taking things like this and making it a place for people to make fun of the poor man that had his face blown off. And give her respect too, shes trying so hard, put yourself in her shoes and think of how hard it would be to have to take your wedding pictures taken and your husbands appearance has changed so much you dont recognize him? That would be very hard to very fake a smile at such a drastic and hard time in both of their lives!

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