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You know the cliché:  Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. The reason it’s a cliché is because it’s also a truism, for us as well as for you.  Because we know we’ll be around forever, we take some things for granted around here, one of them being the truism that “all things work together for (our) good.”

That doesn’t mean we never change course. Recall that Apollo 8, while it was the first landing of men on the moon, was off course 80% of the time on the way there.  So when we make a “course correction” here, it’s no big deal; it’s just a change to get headed where we always wanted to go.

Life is clearly suggesting that we spend less time with this endeavor right now. Three of the four of us are preparing for a move across country. Two of us have started a new business that requires lots of our time. But because we’re not quitters like some ex-politician we know, we’re finding the best way to continue blogging without ignoring our larger goals.

We’re going to give it more thought, but we’re going to stop being a barometer to the daily political news; which means we won’t be posting every day.  A couple of us have expressed the desire to write pieces that require more research, and will be more “evergreen” in nature, i.e., they’ll be just as good a read six months from when they’re written.  So look for new blog content from us every week, and new tweets every day.  And like always, we’ll look for you, everyday.

We know how busy you are, too.  It hasn’t escaped our attention that a few other bloggers we follow and admire have also recently changed course;  in fact, their decisions figured into our decision, too.  Darkblack is rolling back, and DistributorCap is unplugging for the foreseeable future.  Zirgar is on sabbatical.  We have a rather small blog roll because we try to read everyone that’s on it, and that’s another thing we hope to do more of;  they enrich us, and we know it; and when we don’t have time to read them, it diminishes us.

One more thing.  The vast majority of those who visit USojo never leave a comment.  Some of those people come everyday, but never have a thing to say.  And that’s okay.  We like another truism: If you don’t have something good to say, it’s better to say nothing at all.  We’re cool with that.  But we love our commenters here, and want more. If you have something good to contribute, tell us.  We’ll respond.   Many of our commenters are amazingly talented bloggers in their own right, which makes us all the more honored to have them spend some precious time with us;  know that we’ll always reciprocate.

So.  We’re not ever going away. We’re just getting better in a slightly different way.



  1. Hey.
    Apollo 8 might have been off course most of the time, but Apollo 11 was the first mission to put Armstrong’s butt (or any man’s) on the moon. Apollo 8 was the first flight to leave earths orbit and see the dark side of the moon. Oh and when can I get my official: “I’m fuckin stupid.” Sarah Palin 2012 shirt?

    1. Hey Micah,
      There is no “dark side of the moon, matter of fact it’s all dark.” —Pink Floyd

      We have an excellent 100% cotton Sarah Palin 2012 satirical t-shirt for sale that says: “I’m A F*ckin Retard.” Will that float your boat?

  2. I’m not expecting anything less than the excellence which you’ve unleashed on us historically but in smaller chunks.

    Good luck on those new ventures. Hope you make millions and spread the good news.

    Glad to know that DB hasn’t stepped back yet.


  3. Avatar mary b

    USoj is one of my favorite blogs.

    I wish you all well and much success in your new endeavours. I’ll be keeping an eye out for new posts. I’m sure they’ll be wonderful as I haven’t been disappointed since I’ve found my way here.

    Break a leg!
    (in the good sense!)

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