Repugs Fly Into The Cuckoo’s Nest

Repug's Fly In to the Cuckoo's NestFront row right to “off the f’n chart” right: John “Crybaby” Boehner, the decaying head of John “Captain Underpants” McCain, “Lil Newt” Gingrich, “Fat Bastard” Limpbaugh, Michele “Batshit” Bachmann; back row: “Ima Fuckin’ Retard” Palin, Michael “Wut Up” Steele, “Crazy Mountain Jim” Inhofe, Glenn “Shoot’em In The Head” Beck, Joe LieberDuoche,  Eric “Pee Pants” Cantor, Mitch “DOA” (Douche On Arrival) McConnell, Peter “Sniffer” Hoekstra, John “Queenie Weenie” Kyl, and Jim “Dr. Demento” Demint.
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BlueGal found some RWNJ photoshopper who was looking for a reason to show Nancy Pelosi’s breasties, so he did an elaborate chop of a Roman orgy or some such nonsense. (See her excellent photoshop response here, and her article here.)  At least the Dems are sane and enjoying themselves at their “orgy”— the Repugs are not so lucky.  As you can see above, they’re all locked up in the loonie bin (wait— can I say “loonie”?) Well fuck it— we’ll do it live— they’re in the nuthouse.

And they’re going to stay in the nuthouse.  You can’t long play at hypocrisy before it corrupts the mind, and the soul;  and we’re not just slinging satire when we say they’re all crazier than shit house rats.  Yep, they all need some time away;  really FAR away— from any responsibility— especially attempting to engage in the public dialogue.  So find your compassion. Dig down deep, and help us help the nation get these crazy fucks off our streets.

On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank you.


  1. Avatar human of days

    New tea in (very) old tea bags

    Recall the references to Tenskwatawa:

    “Even the vanishing red man had such a prophet within the past hundred years, the Shawnee Tenskwatowa, who predicted the eclipse of the sun in 1808 and denounced the vices of the white man. Many true teachers have appeared among the various tribes and races all through the long ages of evolutionary history. And they will ever continue to appear to challenge the shamans or priests of any age who oppose general education and attempt to thwart scientific progress.”

    Love this one:

    “The shamans dressed well and usually had a number of wives; they were the original aristocracy, being exempt from all tribal restrictions. They were very often of low-grade mind and morals.”

    Be sure to have a shaman over for tea in honor of their newest form.

  2. Now there’s some blogging royalty fur yaz: Fearguth, nonnie-nine-inch-nails, and Darkblack; thank you all, but the crazy people did most of the work; looking crazy is something you can’t really hide. (Hm; maybe that’s why nonnie, Fearguth and I all have sunglasses on…) 😎

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