The Palin-McAint Ouija Board Bomb

Palin McLame Ouija Board
Cindy, Sarah, Sidney, Todd, and Piper take a whirl around the Ouija Board to plot another losing campaign strategery. If you wanna feel the vibe, you must click it.

Huff Po:

At the rally on Friday, Sarah Palin proclaimed that the RepubliCon Party isn’t the party of no — “We’re the Party of Hell No!”

She derided “this BS coming from the lame-stream media” about “us common-sense conservatives kinda incitin’ violence,” but added, “We know violence isn’t the answer.  When we take up our arms, we’re talkin’ about our vote.”

The Tea Party movement, Palin declared, is “a beautiful grassroots movement that is puttin’ governmint back on the side of the people. … Everybody here today supportin’ John McCain, we’re all parta that tea party movement.”

But McCain is fighting for his political life.  Fending off a primary challenge from the farther right, the four-term Arizona senator is facing the toughest re-election campaign of his way too long already Senate career.

Former congressman (wtf) and conservative talk-radio host, JD Hayworth, says McCain is just too moderate for Arizona RepubliCons.  He jabs his finger in the air when he points out McCain’s reputation for working with Democrats on key issues, (because that’s just like, traitor-ism), such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions,  and restricting campaign donations.  Urp.

So wanna test your gag reflex?  Go right to 2:33 for fifty seconds worth of screechy freakin’ reverbified incomprehensible psycho-babble, or what we like to call Palin Pablum™— which is about forty-seven seconds more than I can stomach, complete with a fortuitous fucking teleprompter crash at about 3:10, which forced her to, you know, spew even more crazy.  What you see here is what you’ll get.  She’s got nothin’ else.

Meanwhile,  no one has— as of today— put a real cross hairs on any of Palin’s targeted opponents in her alternate universe.


  1. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    A post was left on my blog about how the Bullet that hit a window in the Building of Eric Cantor’s Office, was actually a stray one, that was shot up in the air, and then came down. Meaning that whoever shot it, while a careless asshole who deserves a hefty fine {among other things} was not aiming at Eric Cantor’s windows because he is a Republican or a Jew.

    Here is the link to the Richmond Police Station Blog

    1. Propagandee Propagandee


      Have you seen this?

      “…Republican legislators, like Senator Tom Coburn, are actively trying to put guns in the hands of the mentally unbalanced. That’s right, Coburn tried to attach an amendment to the health care bill to restore gun rights to veterans declared “mentally incompetent.” Seriously, does the man, and the 45 who voted with him, remember Ft. Hood?”

      Links can be found here

      p.s. Was going to post this on your blog site but I forgot my Google password!

  2. 😆 i am so jealous i didn’t think of that pic!! hilarious! the only criticism i have is that princess really wouldn’t give a shit if toddy was banging the beer heiress. she’d be strategerizin’ how she could make a buck from it.

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