Sue Lowden’s Kentucky Fried Health Care Plan (Colbert Update)

Some shit just writes itself.

    Colbert Update :
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Indecision 2010 Midterm Elections – Sue Lowden
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  1. It is very absorbing to read the words of so many concerned citizens doing their best to persuade other readers to vote in any given direction. It is just as astonishing to read the words of Mr. Reid, a current senator in the state of Nevada, directing others to help his cause as he fights for another congressional term of six years.

    The age of a newly elected representative riding off into the sunrise to never be heard from but at their leisure, should be long gone. However, in this contemporary age of technology, we still hear from our representation when they deem necessary or advantageous. Interaction with constituents should be one of the most significant portions of any representative’s job and should occur during the entire length of their duty. Is not the elective official granted the privilege of being the voice of the people, for the people with the State’s best interest and the best interest of the citizenry? I am deeply saddened that we, the people, have accepted communication at our representative’s convenience and their leisure, and usually around campaign times.

    If we have eyes to see, can we not perceive the pointlessness of party system candidates raising colossal amounts of money to spend like party confetti to broadcast their fiscal responsibility? In this national economic misfortune, millions of greenbacks will be reduced to ashes to program our minds to instinctively elect the most overused name. If we have ears to hear, can we not listen to the reckless pleas of “more money needed” by party politicians with intent to secure a job which requires responsible spending of our money? Our current party leadership spends money we don’t have to save money and our alternative party counters with a “money bomb” to D.C. directed by their national chairman?

    Is it odd to argue which political system is least corrupt at the moment? Is it witty, through discussion, to then squabble over which of these system supporting candidates are best funded, or least dishonest, or most conventional, or farthest from everyday people, or furthermost from responsible spending, or strictest in Constitutional values? Would it not be easier to actually have a responsible conventional candidate that will stand for the people over the party and the system?

    Why should it be a surprise to anyone that we are a country that is exceedingly overspent, indebted to ourselves and others and is on the edge of calamity? Why do we, the people that control our government by individual votes, continue to empower the systems that have molested our innocence? Shall we be impacted enough when we must explain the meaning of the words on a greeting card, to our children, that state “I care about you?” I am sleepless with our overconfidence and superciliousness as a nation. We constantly preach system politics and wonder why our trained and rehearsed politicians side with their party and the corruption of the system over the will of the people. A favorable stand of an issue usually leads to an unacceptable and devastating blow of another.

    To think, research and study should not be a lost art. The provocative sleight of hand should not be allowed to endanger our future. A legal entity, Congress, that can obliterate our heritage and then campaign against its own deeds at our expense, should not be accepted, let alone encouraged. Wouldn’t it be nice to once again have a candidate from the people, for the people and by the people? I am Jesse Holland and implore all concerned citizens to stand forward with a roaring voice in support of our Constitutional Republic. Without exorbitant bundles of money, I offer videos, writings, Weblogs and educational information. I am easily found online.

  2. Avatar Seeing Eye Chick

    Lowden must be from the Tardnation to suggest something so damn ridiculous. I raise poultry. And I have to say, that if you show up with a live chicken, pig or cow or hampster to trade for healthcare, for barter–etc., security will be called. What is the doctor going to do with that? Take the livestock home to his or her luxury apt or condo, or gated community? Maybe slaughter it out on the back porch and drain it by the hot tub or use the clubhouse better yet. It costs money to process livestock for food. It costs money to raise them, to keep them healthy, etc., So if you don’t have a pot to piss in, to see the doc in the box, what makes this dipstick think that you are going to have the money to purchase the land and the gear to raise livestock for barter? And how do you do the taxes? I realize that Baggers hate taxes and all that crap, but how do you write this up? Meat prices change daily due to market forces.
    Lowden is a twit and has no clue what it is, she is speaking of. She has watched that Doc Hollywood movie starring Michael J. Fox, too many times where people trade a pig for care. She needs to turn off the damn TEE VEE and go out into the real world and see how people are suffering and not getting by.

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